Scott Stallings’ Baby Son Lights Up Masters Par 3 Contest (Photos)

One of the core components of humor is taking an element and putting it into a setting where it doesn’t belong, which is probably why these pictures of Scott Stallingsbaby son Finn at the recent Masters Par 3 Contest in Augusts, Georgia are so funny (the fact that the baby is next-level adorable doesn’t hurt either).

Finn Stallings was wearing an official Masters jumpsuit as he accompanied his father throughout the Par 3 Contest, performing such crucial tasks as carrying his own tiny golf club and staring up at the flags in each hole. But my favorite photo of the bunch is the one of him nonchalantly walking away from his discarded club.

You can see him doing all that and more by checking out some pictures of Scott Stallings’ son Finn Stallings in the gallery up at the top of the page, courtesy of the Associated Press and Getty Images. Unfortunately for Stallings, the presence of the baby didn’t really help him in the Par 3 Contest, but you still might be able to spot Golf Baby somewhere at the Masters Tournament, which starts today. So stay tuned.




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