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11 Hottest WAGs at the 2014 Masters

by: Esteban On  Friday, April 11, 2014
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2014 masters wags

The the 2014 Masters is on this weekend in Augusta, which means a lot of sports fans will be watching on TV or keeping tabs of the leaderboard on their phones.

However, you don’t to be a huge golf fan to take an interest in the Masters. You just have to be a fan of attractive women.

You see, pro golfers tend to have hot wives and girlfriends—just like real pro athletes. And because the Masters is a kind of a big deal, most pro golfers have their hot wives and girlfriends with them in Augusta in the event that they actually win. They, in turn, make watching the Masters on TV slightly more entertaining.

But who, in particular, should you be looking out for? Yeah, that’s the question.

Fortunately we have the answer. So take a look.


11. Amber Watney (Nick Watney)

11 amber watney (nick watney) - 2014 masters wags

You want to hear an cute story? Amber was introduced to Nick by her dad, Rusty Uresti. You see, Rusty is a PGA caddy, and he set his daughter up with Nick because, in his estimation, Nick was the sweetest guy on tour.

The two have been married since October 2010.


(Thanks to Player Wives for the details.)


10. Dowd Simpson (Webb Simpson)

10 dowd simpson (webb simpson) - 2014 masters wags

It’s a good thing these two make a good-looking couple, because together they have two of the stupidest first names of any couple on earth.

Seriously. Dowd and Webb. Their names are Dowd and Webb.

Imagine their kids at school. “William, what are your parents’ names?” “Dowd and Webb.” “No, William, what are they really?” “Dowd. And. Webb. Really.” “[Awkward silence] Oh.”

This isn’t their fault, of course. It’s their parents who are to blame. I would actually feel sorry for these two if they weren’t so much wealthier, happier, and more attractive than me.


9. Annie Verret (Jordan Spieth)

9 annie verret (jordan speith) - 2014 masters wags

Jordan Spieth is one of the hottest up-and-comers on the PGA Tour. In 2011 he joined Tiger Woods as the only other person to win the U.S. Junior Amateur championship more than once. Then, in January of 2013, the kid decided to turn pro midway through his sophomore year at the University of Texas, where he met the lovely Annie. And in July he won the John Deere Classic, which made him the first teenager to win a PGA event in 82 years.

So yeah, a hot girlfriend is not the only thing Jordan has going for him.


8. Caroline Wozniacki (Rory McIlroy)


When these two started dating in 2011, both had just reached the pinnacles of their respective sports very early in their careers. Late in 2010, Wozniacki became the No. 1 tennis player in the world, and in 2011 McIlroy won the U.S. Open, then became the No. 1 golfer in the world the following summer.

Since they got serious, though—and remember, they’re now engaged—both have fallen off. Wozniacki is currently No. 15, while McIlroy is No. 9.

But hey, at least their happy. And rich. And young.


7. Melissa Weber Jones (Matt Jones)

7 melissa weber jones (matt jones) - 2014 masters wags

Matt Jones’ wife, Melissa, is a former beauty queen—but you probably guessed that from the picture. (She was Miss Idaho, if you really want to know.)

These days, as far as I can tell, her main gig is being a pro golfer’s wife. In fact, at one point she was lobbying pretty hard for a “Real Housewives” style reality show…which didn’t happen.


6. Allie MacKenzie (Will MacKenzie)

6 allie mackenzie (will mackenzie) - 2014 masters wags

You know who else was in on that attempt to get a Real Housewives of the PGA? Will MacKenzie’s wife, Allie. She’s a former model who’s been featured in the pages of FHM.

According to Allie, the PGA is has all sorts of cliques and is “like a traveling high school. There are 150 or so guys and 150 or so girls, plus the caddies, plus the girls who aren’t supposed to be out there.”

I’m guessing the caddies are the poor kids?


5. Ellie Day (Jason Day)


Australia’s Jason Day finished second at the Masters in 2011, but his wife, Ellie—a self-described cowgirl from small town Texas—is second to none!

Of course, that doesn’t make any sense. Given that I’ve ranked her 5th here, it means I think she’s second to at least four other women. But it sure was great hyperbole.


4. Amanda Dufner (Jason Dufner)


Of all the Masters WAGs on this list, none of further out of her husband’s league than Amanda Dufner.

Yes, Jason Dufner is a good golfer, having won the 2013 PGA Championship and all. But he’s also the man who inspired the Dufnering trend, and in this photo at least he kind of looks like a Hobbit.


3. Leot Taylor (Vaughn Taylor)

3 leot taylor (vaughn taylor) - 2014 masters wags

I don’t know much about Leot Taylor, other than that her name is Leot and, as you can clearly tell from this photo, she’s done some modeling.
I tried Googling her, of course, but most of the results link to her baby registry. So unless you want to know what kind of overpriced crap they want from Pottery Barn Kids, the internet is of no use.
That’s okay, though. Let’s just enjoy looking at her photo. She’s real perty.

2. Kandi Mahan (Hunter Mahan)

2 kandi mahan (hunter mahan) - 2014 masters wags

That’s right. Hunter Mahan’s wife, Kandi with a “K” and an “I”, is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. And she’s not just any Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, either. According to one esteemed publication, she’s the 13th hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader of all time.

Congratulations, Hunter.


1. Paulina Gretzky (Dustin Johnson)

1 paulina gretzky golf digest cover - masters wags

Seriously, was there ever any doubt about this? Paulina Gretzky isn’t just the hottest WAG at the Masters. She’s one of the hottest WAGs in any sport and one of the hottest women on the internet, period. That’s why she’s appeared in commercials for TaylorMade and the cover of Golf Digest—the golf industry is trying to lure in new male fans and players, and Paulina Gretzky’s tangental association with the game is the best way to do that right now.

Her dad Wayne, greatest hockey player of all-time, must be proud.