Kickboxer Tyrone Sprong Suffers Horrifying Leg Break at GLORY 15 (Video)

Tyrone Sprong

Kickboxing star Tyrone Sprong had every reason to be optimistic before his GLORY 15 light heavyweight championship title match against Gokhan Saki in Istanbul on Saturday. But a blocked kick from his opponent resulted in a pretty nasty injury that will take Sprong some time and effort to recover from.

It happened in a similar fashion to Anderson Silva‘s nasty leg break at UFC 168, as Tyrone Sprong attempted to throw a routine kick, but Gorkhan Saki checked it and sent Sprong into a heap. According to one tweet from MMA writer Jordan Breen, it was a pretty dramatic incident:

Somewhat incredibly, Tyrone Sprong ended up winning the fight on decision, but whether or not he’ll be able to make a speedy recovery from the leg injury remains to be seen.

If you missed Tyrone Sprong’s GLORY 15 title fight and have a strong stomach, you might want to take a look at his leg-shattering injury for yourself via the video below. It happens pretty quickly, but it’s a stomach-dropper if you know what you’re looking at:

Hat Tip to reader Dan D.


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