Another College Sports Riot: Minnesota Students Go Wild After Hockey Team Loses Championship Game (Pics + Videos)

minnesota hockey riot

If you thought we’d seen our last college sports riot of the year just because the 2014 NCAA men’s basketball tournament was over, you thought wrong. College hockey may not be as big as college basketball, but in certain parts of the country it’s huge. And it just so happens that one of those places went crazy on Saturday night when their team lost the championship game.

That place was Dinkeytown, a neighborhood bordering the northern section of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. After the Gophers got destroyed by Union in the championship game, 7-4, angry drunks—mostly students—poured into the streets. Cars were smashed, police were mooned, pepper spray was sprayed. In short, it was a giant mess.

Of course, this is not the first time Gophers hockey fans have gone berserk. They rioted back in 2002, when Minnesota beat Maine to win the National Championship. And they semi-rioted this past Thursday, when Minnesota reached the final on a buzzer-beating goal.

According to police, at least 19 people were arrested this time around. There’s no word yet on how much damage was done, but we know it’s at least one car and one armchair’s worth.

Behold the bedlam:

I’m starting to think I did college wrong. I never set fire to anything.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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