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11 Reasons Why Bubba Watson Should Be Your Favorite Golfer

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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bubba watson selfie masters champion 2014

When Bubba Watson won the Masters in 2012, casual golf fans could have dismissed him as a one-hit wonder. However, when he won it again this past Sunday, the man joined a pretty elite group. Only 17 golfers have ever won the Masters more than once, and the list includes names like Nicklaus, Palmer, Woods, Mickelson, Hogan, Player, Nelson, and Faldo, just to rattle off a few. 

The point? Bubba Watson isn’t just any old member of PGA Tour anymore. He’s now a first-tier star.

Of course, while Bubba may only have cemented his superstar status this spring, he has been one of the most entertaining and likable players on the Tour for years now.

Why? Because the guy has charisma. And with this list, I’m going to prove it to you.

Take a look. By the end, I guarantee Bubba Watson will be your new favorite golfer.


11. Helpful Pro Tips

Does Tiger Woods have a YouTube channel? I don’t know, and I’m not going to bother looking it up.

I will tell you this, though. Even if Tiger does have a YouTube channel, there’s no way it’s got as many useful pro tips as Bubba Watson’s YouTube channel.


10. Awesome Trick Shots

Bubba’s YouTube channel isn’t just for instructional purposes, though. He also likes to show off his amazing golf skillz by performing trick shots. Sometimes they take place at an actual golf course, but most of the time—as in this case—he doesn’t even leave his house.

Impressive, right?


9. True Multi-Sport Athlete

Is golf really a sport, and are golfers really athletes? Personally, I’d says “yes” and “some of them, but definitely not John Daly.”

Bubba Watson is an athlete, though. Just look at those smooth country basketball skills. And don’t worry about Shaq, either. They’re buddies.


8. Close Personal Friend of Shaq

Shaquille O’Neal has a personality as big as his frame. Anybody who can hold his own with the guy on camera the way Bubba does is okay in my book.


7. He Owns General Lee


Bubba Watson owns General Lee, the car from Dukes of Hazzard. And I don’t mean he owns a replica, or one of the cars they used while filming the show. I mean he owns the original General Lee. Which is kind of awesome.

The thing is his good luck charm, too. He bought it back in January of 2012 for $110,000. Then, four months later, with the most famous Georgia car sitting in his garage, he won the most famous Georgia golf tournament—the Masters.


6. Knows How to Get on SportsCenter

When Bubba Watson wants to get on SportsCenter, he just gets in his private plane and sinks an amazing putt. Then he uploads the video to YouTube.

Done and done.


5. In a Boy Band

If you somehow never saw this video, you are in for a real treat. Stop what you are doing, call your coworkers over to your desk, and turn up the volume. This is “Oh Oh Oh” by the Golf Boys—featuring Watson,  Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler, and Hunter Mahan—and it’s basically the greatest music video parody ever carried out by four professional golfers. 

The whole thing was for charity of course. For every 100,000 views the thing got on YouTube, Farmers Insurance donated a $1,000 to charity. And since the thing currently has over 7,000,000 views, that added up to $70,000.


4. Responsible for the Hovercraft Golf Cart

You read that right. Bubba Watson has a hovercraft golf cart.

Just think about that for a second. Let it sink in.

How much more would you enjoy playing golf if you could drive one of these things?


3. Dude Knows How to Party

bubba watson celebrates at waffle house

Last year, Phil Mickelson complained about having to pay high taxes on the $40 million he makes every year—that’s right, a 40 followed by six more zeros—while the rest of America struggles to find work and pay their modest mortgage. That’s a man who has lost touch.

Bubba Watson? He keeps it real. After winning the Masters on Sunday, he didn’t hand out $100 cigars and $400 bottles of champagne. He took his family and friends to the local Waffle House. Fame and money hasn’t changed him. He’ll always be Bubba.

2. Damn Good at Golf

Oh, and by the way, in addition to being hilarious and down to earth, Bubba Watson is also really good at golf. This shot, which effectively won the 2012 Masters, is one of the great clutch shots in PGA history.

The best part? He’s basically self-taught. He had instruction from his coaches in high school, of course, but Watson didn’t learn the game from some golf pro at a country club. He figured it all out on his own.


1. Humility

bubba watson crying after winning 2014 masters

Obviously, Bubba Watson is a huge goofball. However, beneath that lies a guy who appreciates every single thing he has. He cried after winning the Masters in 2012, and he cried again after he won it in 2014.

Here’s the explanation he gave to reporters:

Yeah I’m going to cry because why me? Why Bubba Watson from Bagad, Florida? Why is he winning? So I just always ask the question why. Why me? That’s why I’m always going to cry. I’ll probably cry again tonight sometime, just thinking about it. I got lucky enough to have two green jackets. It’s amazing to be up here one time to talk. A second time is amazing.

How can you not love this guy?