Floyd Mayweather Jr. Tops ESPN’s List of the Highest-Paid Athletes in the World (Graphic)

After digging through the numbers and making all of their final calculations, ESPN has released this year’s list of the “25 Top-Paid Athletes in the World.”

The numbers used to make up this list are based solely on guaranteed money (i.e. base salaries or prize money).  They do not include endorsement deals, which, as we all know, can account for a large percentage of the income many of these athletes bring in each year.

Topping this year’s list is none other than Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., who reportedly earned $73.5 million for his fights against Robert Guerrero and Saúl Álvarez ($32 million and $41.5 million, respectively).

You can see which other athletes made the list by checking out the graphic below, courtesy of ESPN:

ESPN 25 top paid athletes

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