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21 GIFs That Prove Volleyball Is the Sexiest Sexy Sport On Earth

by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 17, 2014

sexy volleyball gifs

Do the uniforms in women’s volleyball have to be so tight? I don’t think so. Male volleyball players wear baggy shorts and shirts and they seem to move around just fine. I mean seriously, have you ever watched a high-level men’s volleyball match live in person? That’s some high-flying, action-packed sh*t. I highly recommend it.

But I digress. My point here is that the uniforms in women’s volleyball—whether indoor or beach—don’t have to be so tight. But they are. And that is a fact that needs to be celebrated. So today we’re going to do just that…because, to be honest, I couldn’t think of anything better to write about, and because, in my experience, human males enjoy looking at this sort of thing.

Take a look. Become a volleyball fan.


20. Team Brazil

brazil volleyball huddle - sexy volleyball gifs

Is there a volleyball equivalent of NFL Sunday Ticket that would enable me to watch the Brazilian women’s volleyball team on a regular basis?


19. Jaqueline Carvalho

jaqueline carvalho jumping - sexy volleyball gifs

Seriously, poker is on TV all the time. Wouldn’t you rather watch this?


18. Happy Time!

beach volleyball celebration  - sexy volleyball gifs

They’re happy, I’m happy. Everybody’s happy. (Except the other team, I guess.)


17. Bikini Spike

beach volleyball bounce - sexy volleyball gifs

Hey! Snap out of it! You’ve been watching this GIF for five minutes now, and your coworkers are starting to get suspicious of your vacant gaze.


17. OK Guys, Butt Pat Huddle!

usa volleyball huddle - sexy volleyball gifs

Coach loves it when the girls get together and touch each other’s butts. Right coach?


16. Getting Into Position

volleyball shorts 2 - sexy volleyball gifs

Have I mentioned that the shorts female volleyball players are really, ridiculously short and tight? Well, they are.


15. A Walk on the Beach

beach volleyball chicks - sexy volleyball gifs

That’s the great thing about beach volleyball. When things get crazy, you can just take a nice relaxing stroll on the beach with your teammate and work sh*t out. 


14. Misty May Happy Dance

misty-may-treanor-olympics-dance - sexy volleyball gifs

Beach volleyball celebrations are the best, wouldn’t you say?


13. Super Slow MO

beach volleyball dive - sexy volleyball gifs

Okay, this one isn’t quite as sexy as the others, but it’s pretty awesome. More importantly, I’m writing the list, so I can do whatever I want. [Editors Note: Just to be clear, no, he can't.]


12. Communication Skills

finger signals - sexy volleyball gifs

The hand signals they use in beach volleyball give horndog photographers and videographers around the world a perfectly good excuse to zoom in on butts. So that’s convenient.


11. Volleyball Talk

bikini volleyball girl - sexy volleyball gifs

Okay, so she’s not playing volleyball. But there’s volleyball in the background, and for all I know she’s talking about volleyball. So it counts.


10. Wardrobe Malfunction

beach volleyball wardrobe malfunction - sexy volleyball gifs

Obviously, this was supposed to happen, so I guess it’s not really accurate to call it a “malfunction.” But you get the idea.


9. Nice Dig

beach volleyball dig - sexy volleyball gifs

“Brr, it’s pretty cold out here. Better put on a long-sleeve shirt.”

“Pants too, then?”

“Nah, no pants. Don’t want my ass to overheat or anything.”


8. Encouragement

volleyball butt pat - sexy volleyball gifs

Volleyball players are so supportive of one another. It’s really nice to see. I’m totally moved.


7. Katrin Holtwick

olympic beach volleyball booty - sexy volleyball gifs

German beach volleyball player Katrin Holtwick has some junk in the proverbial trunk.


6. Beach Volleyball Cheerleading

beach volleyball cheerleaders - sexy volleyball gifs

Of course they have cheerleaders in beach volleyball! Four chicks in bikinis is not nearly enough.


5. More Beach Volleyball Cheerleading

dancing volleyball cheerleader - sexy volleyball gifs

Really, the only wardrobe difference between beach volleyball player and beach volleyball cheerleaders is a slightly smaller bikini. Other than that it’s pretty hard to spot the difference.


4. Wardrobe Adjustment

volleyball uniform - sexy volleyball gifs

Yeah, pull those shorts up. They’re not hugging your crotch enough.


3. Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

volleyball shorts - sexy volleyball gifs

Um, no comment.


2. Hand Signals

finger signals closeup - sexy volleyball gifs

Like I said, the hand signals they use in beach volleyball result in a lot of close-ups of butts. I’ll let you decide whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.


1. De-Wedgification

sexy australian beach volleyball player - sexy volleyball gifs

Sometimes you just been to make a few adjustments, and you don’t have time to be discreet about it.

Sure, you could wear pants or something that won’t give you wedgies in the first place, but that’s no fun.