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Montreal Canadiens Unveil Crazy New Intro Video

by: Joseph On  Monday, April 28, 2014

Montreal Canadiens' Video Intro

The Montreal Canadiens are like the sitcom shows of hockey—every game begins with a lengthy video presentation that regales viewers on the team’s history.

But during the Canadiens’ first home playoff game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Sunday night, they took the form of “pre-hockey intro videos” to a new and exciting level.

The new pre-game intro wasn’t restricted to the borders of the Bell Centre’s big screens, spreading out onto the ice itself for a pretty cool display of 3D video effects. Then, fire gets involved, which will remind most people of the famous Olympic torch when they see it. A hockey team equating itself with the Olympics is a pretty ballsy move, but the Canadiens backed it up by beating the Lightning, 3-2.

Of course, the video presentation itself is also worthy of the Olympics comparison.  You can check it out for yourself below, and unlike the Olympics’ opening ceremonies, it’s over in less than five minutes.

Here it is: