Kevin Durant Miracle Three and Kendrick Perkins Putback Erases Five-Point Memphis Lead and Forces OT (Videos)

kevin durant three-pointer vs grizzlies

Last night the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Oklahoma City Thunder to tie their first-round playoff series at one game a piece. However, to do so, they had to withstand some insane late-game heroics by Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins.

You see, the Grizzlies took a five-point lead with only 18.1 seconds remaining in regulation, and on most occasions, that’s going to be good enough for a win. On this occasion, however, the Thunder got the ball to Durant—who is about to win his first NBA MVP award—and Durant made an impossible three-pointer with just 13.8 seconds left…while getting fouled by Marc Gasol.

Take a look:

After that, Durant completed the four-point play by sinking his free throw, cutting the lead to one. The Thunder then fouled Mike Conley with 12 seconds left and he made just one of his free throws, meaning it was just a two-point game. So when Russell Westbrook missed a three-pointer in the closing seconds of the game, Kendrick Perkins’s putback tied it up.

And that’s how you erase a five-point deficit with just 13.8 seconds left on the clock. Not bad, right?

Fortunately for Memphis, Oklahoma City used up all their magic just to tie the game at the end of regulation. The Grizzlies were able to finish them off in overtime, 111-105.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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