Check Out These Sexy Behind-the-Scenes GIFs From Paulina Gretzky’s ‘Golf Digest’ Photo Shoot

Paulina Gretzky Golf Digest

Paulina Gretzky‘s collaboration with Golf Digest has reached peak media saturation at this point. And as if to capitalize, Golf Digest has released a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot, showing Gretzky in a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra (in case you needed any more incentive to check it out).

The video documents the photos taken both inside and outside, and features Paulina Gretzky doing a variety of yoga poses and exercises. This is in the interest of fostering an enthusiasm and excitement for physical fitness among everyone who sees it, I guess.

Whether you have fitness in mind or some other purpose for wanting to see Paulina Gretzky working out in yoga pants, you have two options for checking out the action below. First is the video from Golf Digest, followed by a bunch of GIFs featuring the best parts of the video, courtesy of COED.

Here’s the video:

And here are the GIFs:






Now, who wants to get out there and start exercising?




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