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Jimmy Fallon Does NHL Playoffs Edition of His ‘Tonight Show Superlatives’ Bit (Video)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, April 23, 2014

jimmy fallon superlatives nhl playoffs edition

If you’ve seen Jimmy Fallon do his late night talk show thing more than once, then chances are you’ve seen his “superlatives” bit in which he takes photos of people and gives them high school yearbook “most likely” classifications. Sometimes they do the bit with people currently in the news, but most of the time they do it with athletes. And when they do it with athletes, they’re basically just making fun of dudes’ faces, which is funny because making fun of people is always funny.

Anyway, this week on The Tonight Show, Fallon did his superlatives bit for the 2014 NHL Playoffs. The results are comical.

Take a look:

At first I assumed Fallon’s writers were all from Boston and Pittsburgh since they only used players from the Bruins and Penguins. However, that can’t be the case, because there’s no way a Penguins fan would ever let his boss pronounce “Evgeni Malkin” like this.

No, it’s more likely that the writers are just lazy. Because I know for a fact that they recycle jokes.

That’s right, Jimmy Fallon’s writers. I’m calling you out. You totally used that Brad Marchand joke last year.

brad marchand jimmy fallon superlatives

Not that I really blame you. It’s pretty funny.