Umpires Use Replay to Count Balls and Strikes, Still Get It Wrong (Video)

umpires use replay to count balls and strikes fail

Last night in Tampa, with Rays shortstop Yunel Escobar at the plate facing the Twins’ Samuel Deduno in the bottom of the 5th, home plate umpire Paul Schrieber lost track of the count. But hey, no problem. MLB has replay now. All they’d have to do is look at the replay, count the balls and strikes, and get on with the game.

Unfortunately, that’s just not what happened. The umpiring crew looked at the replay and saw that there were four balls and two strikes. Then, incredibly, they decided the count was 3-2. And on the next pitch Escobar struck out looking.

Seriously. See for yourself:

As you can see, after Escobar took a strike on the 3-1 pitch, Deduno thought it was strike three. However, the ump told Deduno that Escobar wasn’t out, so at that point everyone should have known the count was 3-2. Escobar wasn’t out, and he wasn’t on first base. Ergo, full count.

However, Schrieber got confused. He thought the count was 2-2 when it was actually 3-2:

umpire blows count replay fail

So my guess? When the umps got together, Schrieber told them he f*cked it all up, and they just decided to give everybody one more pitch.

Nice work, everybody.

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