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by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 24, 2014

drake lint roller

When life give you lemons you make lemonade. But what do you do when everyone on the internet is making fun of you for using a lint roller on your pants while sitting courtside at an NBA playoff game?

Well, if you’re Drake, you poke a little fun at yourself and create a humorous new ad campaign for your team.

But let me back up a bit, just in case nothing I just said made any sense to you.

You see, Drake—he’s a very famous rapper—was sitting courtside at the Toronto Raptors’ playoff game against the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night and the TV camera caught a glimpse of him using a lint roller on his pants. Pretty much immediately, everybody started making fun of him, because using a lint roller on your pants seems like something you do before you leave the house, not something you do while sitting courtside at an NBA playoff game. Moreover, the Raptors hired Drake as their “Global Brand Ambassador” to help them rebrand the franchise and make them seem cool. And, generally speaking, lint rollers, while practical, are not “cool.”

However, last night Drake put a new spin on the situation when he put this up on his Instagram:

drake lint raptors logo

I doubt the Raptors will actually be working this into their new #WeTheNorth marketing campaign. But it’s pretty funny, right?

In any case, the lesson here is simple. When in doubt, make fun of yourself. It works for Drake.