The Look On This Kid’s Face When Jordin Tootoo Gives Him His Stick Will Warm Your Cold, Cynical Heart (Video)

jordin tootoo gives stick to young fan

If you enjoyed that story about Charlie Coyle and that adorable Minnesota Wild fan back in December, you’re going to love this.

Jordin Tootoo played nine straight seasons in the NHL, becoming one of the league’s most notorious agitators despite his relatively small 5’9″ frame. However, back in November, the Red Wings sent Tootoo down to the Grand Rapids Griffins, their AHL affiliate.

Luckily for Tootoo, that didn’t affect his salary. He made $2 million this year and he’ll make $2 million next year no matter where he plays. However, it has got to be a pretty big blow to the ego to play in the AHL after spending most of a decade in the NHL.

Judging from the video you’re about to see, though, it looks like Tootoo embraced his role as a team leader and became one of the Griffins’ most popular players. At the team’s final regular season home game on April 18, he gave his stick to an adoring young fan attending the game with his grandpa, and it pretty much made the kid’s life.

Seriously, this is so adorable you’re going to want to forward it to your mom afterward.

Take a look:

FYI, that priceless reaction is why you don’t steal sticks from kids.

Well done, Tootoo.

Hat Tip – [MLive]

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