Michelle Beadle, True To Her Word, Attends Prom With Paralyzed High School Hockey Player

Michelle Beadle

Let it be known that if you ask Michelle Beadle out, even if you really put her on the spot, she probably won’t flake out on you. We now know this thanks to Jack Jablonski, who asked the ESPN SportsNation host out while she was on his radio show.

Way to go, Jack.

Because we’re gentlemen, we won’t ask what happened after prom. We all just hope you had a really nice time. *WINK*

Jack had Beadle’s attention because, three years ago, he was critically injured by a hockey check that left him paralyzed from the chest down. He asked her during a radio interview, and while it was a little uncool of him to put her on the spot like that, life comes down to a series of moments, and he did what he had to do. Fortunately, Beadle put her money where her mouth was and attended the event on Saturday.

Also, because you’re worth it, we’ve got a tweeted photo of Beadle blowing into a breathalyzer, which is apparently something that has to happen when you attend prom now:

Beadle Breathalyzer


And in case you were wondering, yes, you have to get the school’s permission before you take a 38-year-old to prom.  Even if the 38-year-old in question is a hot chick from TV.



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