Los Angeles Clippers Effectively Shut Down Their Website with Simple ‘We Are One’ Message

We Are One

In an odd bit of dissonance, the Los Angeles Clippers seem to be distancing themselves from the remarks of their owner, Donald Sterling, after the NBA came down with a punishment for the owner earlier today.

The Clippers website reads (as shown above) simply “We Are One,” with the logo, and no further frills or utility on the site.

Further, the entire screen is in black and white, which might serve as a metaphor for something.

This afternoon, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver levied a $2.5 million fine against Sterling and banned him from life from any interaction in league affairs, including practices, games, and press.

The punishment came in response to a recording in which Donald Sterling claimed that he didn’t want his mistress bringing black people to Clippers games or being photographed with her.

It’s unclear exactly who calls the shots now that the punishment has been declared, but the team is certainly in need of executive leadership as it continues a playoff run during which sponsors are jumping ship left and right. And while the ruling by the NBA certainly doesn’t end the matter, it does serve as a critical point at which the league has sent a message regarding where they stand on this issue.



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