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Sonny Gray Fools A’s Fans With ‘Ball On a String’ Trick (GIF)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, May 8, 2014
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Sonny Gray

Sonny Gray is apparently unable to resist biting the hand that feeds him. The Oakland A’s player took to toying with the richest patrons in the building by luring young, closely-seated fans with the promise of a souvenir ball, only to shatter their dreams when they realize that Gray has the ball on a string.

It’s colloquially known as the “ole’ ball on a string” trick, and in this instance, it’s almost as if Sonny is getting off on being withholding. Disgusting.

Take a look at the GIF:

Gray seems amused to no end by this activity, which, to his credit, is probably more interesting than your typical A’s baseball game.

Come to the ballpark for some wholesome NoCal baseball fun, stay for the sobering life lessons.

The PR department for the A’s should consider using that.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]