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by: Joseph On  Saturday, May 10, 2014

LeBron James Johnny Manziel jersey

I guess LeBron James sees some kinship between himself and Johnny Manziel, who was recently drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

James, a well-known Browns fan, was seen and photographed wearing a Manziel #1 jersey on a recent Miami Heat team flight from Miami to New York City Friday night.

Here’s the tweet:

Manziel was drafted on Thursday, so it only took James about 24 hours to score a Browns jersey with his name on it. Not a bad time frame, although as this NFL.com post points out, the #1 part might not be accurate once Manziel gets assigned a number—during his time with Texas A&M, Manziel wore jersey #2, and that number isn’t occupied by the Browns yet.

In any case, LeBron James was still one of the first to wear a Cleveland Browns Johnny Manziel jersey, and nobody can take that away from him. We’ll have to wait and see if Johnny Football returns the favor any time soon.



written by Joseph
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