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21 Greatest Flashers in Sports History

by: Esteban On  Monday, May 12, 2014

Greatest Flashers Sports History (Sports Flashing)

I don’t know for sure what makes women (and occasionally men) expose their private parts at professional sporting events. I mean, I guess it’s got to be some combination of desire for attention and alcohol, but even still, there are less-humiliating ways to get 15 minutes of fame. You could run out onto the field, for example. Your mom and dad would probably still be pretty disappointed, and you certainly would have some legal issues as a result. But at least the whole internet wouldn’t be ogling you, and that seems like a pretty big plus.

That being said, it’s not my job to figure out why people do things. It’s my job to give them the 15 minutes of fame they so drunkenly seek. So on that note, please, take a look at this list of the greatest flashers in sports history. It’s hardly exhaustive, and to be completely honest, I definitely test of limits of the word “greatest.” (“Amusing” or “notable” would probably have been more apt.) But still, it’s a pretty fun list. You will like it.


21. Columbus Crew Flasher

columbus crew flasher - sports flashers

Neither MLS soccer nor the city of Columbus strike me as things that would inspire a woman to lift up her shirt and expose her breasts. Nevertheless, after a Columbus Crew game back in 2012, this woman was all like, “Whooo a camera! Here are my boobs!”


20. Blues Flasher (NSFW)

Coming in at #20 we have the most recent incident of sports flashing. This one happened during Game 2 of the first round playoff series between the Blues and Blackhawks a few weeks back.

Classy lady, n’est pas?


19. Senators Flasher

The Blues flasher exposed her breasts just for the hell of it. This Ottawa Senators fan, on the other hand, was trying to distract the opposition—which is to say, she was doing it for the team.


18. New Zealand Horse Race Flasher

blonde flasher nz trotting cup chariot race - sports flashers

This woman tried her best to bare all at the New Zealand Trotting Cup a few years ago. Unfortunately, she was a little tipsy, so she never did get that dress all the way over her head. (You can see the video here.)


17. Rugby Flasher

rugby fan exposes girlfriends boobs - flashing sports fans

Here’s a philosophical question for you: is it still flashing if somebody else exposes your breasts? Because that’s what happened here. This chick was dancing and jumping around, and her boyfriend pulled down the top of her dress.

The really amazing thing? She wasn’t even mad. See for yourself here.


16. Baltimore Ravens Flasher (NSFW)

Skip to the 1:20 mark of this one and you’ll see one very happy, very well-endowed Ravens fan. It is NOT safe for work, however…unless you work in a strip club or something, in which case anything goes, right?


15. Club America Flasher

monarcas america mexican soccer fan flashes boobs - sports flashers

There’s no better way to support your team than exposing your breasts to the fans in your section. Everybody knows that.


14. Unknown Bikini Flasher

deadspin c-roll stash flashing chick - sports flashers

Once again, this unknown flasher from the early ’90s raises the question, is it still “flashing” if somebody else exposes your breasts?


13. Accidental Underpants Flasher

Not all cases of sports flashing are intentional. Sometimes you just get excited to be on the jumbotron and forget you are wearing a really short dress.


12. Mexican Soccer Flashers

woman ejected from mexican soccer game for flashing - flashing sports fans

It’s not a great photo, I realize, but take my word for it—this woman got ejected from a Mexican soccer game for repeatedly exposing herself. (Alternatively, if you don’t want to take my word for it, you can see the video here.)


11. Bengals Flasher

bengals chick flashes boobs - sports flashers

Luckily there are other things to do at a Bengals game besides watch the Bengals.


10. Canucks Flasher

canucks flasher boobs - sports flashers

Remember this one? It was all over the internet a couple of years ago during the Vancouver Canucks’ (eventually heartbreaking) run to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Some Canucks fan decided to punish a visiting San Jose player sitting in the penalty box by…showing him her boobs? (Some punishment.)


9. EuroDong Flasher

euro cup dong flasher - sports flashers

Hey, come on, we have to include at least one dude on the list. (Read more about this one here.) That’s it, though. From here on out, no more dongs.


8. Bruins Chicks Getting It On

bruins chicks flashing boobs - sports flashers

Bruins chicks don’t just expose their breasts. They expose them, and then rub them up against other breasts.


7. Florida Panthers Flasher

florida panthers fan flashes boobs on glass - sports flashers

Meanwhile, in Florida…

(Obviously this woman is a big Sir Mix-a-Lot fan.)


6. Excited Bronby Fan

If you’re even in Denmark and you find yourself at a Bronby IF game, keep an eye out for this woman. Apparently this is a regular thing.


5. Tigres Monterray Flasher

mexican soccer fan flashes boobs - sports flashers

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure those are not real…like you care.


4. Peruvian Soccer Flashers

irina grandez and daysi araujo peruvian soccer flashers - sports flashers

Meet Irina Grandez and Daysi Araujo. They are proud Peruvians (and models—duh), and at the Copa America in 2011 they gave their fellow Peruvian soccer fans quite the treat.


3. X-Games Flasher

At the 2010 Summer X-Games, before the motocross speed and style gold medal race, this young woman was trying to get the crowd pumped up. In doing so, she made the day of one little boy by acquiescing to his cute demand that she show him her boobs.

Seriously, though, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. And what about the kid’s mom? She’s standing right there while her son asks some random chick to lift her shirt. Whaaaa?


2. Cricket Flasher

cricket flasher boobs (circa 2005) - flashers at sporting events

The second greatest flasher in sports history? This hot cricket flasher, circa 2005. The TV producers put her on camera because she’s a fox, then she gave everyone what they were hoping for but never imagined they would get.


1. Browns Flasher

browns chick flashes boobs kids reaction - sports flashers

Who knew going to a Cleveland Browns game could be this much fun? (And educational!)