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The 20 Greatest Sports Selfies of All Time

by: Esteban On  Thursday, May 15, 2014
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Did you hear? Apparently 2014 is the year of the selfie. Or maybe it was 2013. I don’t pay much attention to people who make such pronouncements.

The point is, selfies are all the rage. Whereas it used to be nothing more than some tween idiot making a duckface and texting it to their friends, today the selfie represents something more. It has become an absurd way for people to impose themselves on the world at large and prove you were there—or maybe even get famous.

Today we’re going to take a look at the best sports selfies of all time—selfies that capture something magical or absurd…or are just freakin awesome.

Of course, the endeavor is entirely subjective, so if there are any famous sports selfies you think should be on the list, by all means chime in and post a link in the comments section.

In the meantime, let’s get started, shall we?


20. Father and Son

20 dale jr selfie with dale sr statue 2014 daytona 500 - best sports selfies

After winning his second Daytona 500 in 2014, eclipsing Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s total, Dale Earnhardt Jr. snapped this shot in front of his late father’s statue at the Daytona International Speedway.

Poignant, right?


19. Dick Fowler

19 rickie fowler selfie from state farm commercial - best sports selfies

Don’t be fooled. That’s actually PGA pro Rickie Fowler. He snapped this hilarious selfie while filming this commercial for Farmers Insurance:


18. LeBron's Clean Teeth

18 lebron james dentist selfie - best sports selfies

See kids? The best basketball player in the world isn’t afraid of the dentist. You have nothing to be afraid of…unless you have a cavity. In which case, whew, look out.


17. Selfiebration

17 brett lawrie and jonathan diaz selfie celebration - best sports selfies

Blue Jays third (and sometimes second) baseman Brett Lawrie only has one gear: extreme. And that applies just as much to his celebrations as his play on the field.


16. The Guerilla Selfie

16 david mccarthy selfie with cyclist marcel kittel - best sports selfies

This one outraged a lot of people on the ole’ interwebs, mostly because the guy who took it (David McCarthy) described it as a selfie with a “collapsed cyclist” and said he snapped the pick instead of helping him up. However, the cyclist is Marcel Kittel, and he didn’t really collapse.

You can read the whole story here. For now, let me just say that this is one great selfie.


15. Draft Selfie

15 sammy watkins selfie with roger goodell - best sports selfies

The Bills made a ballsy move in trading up to get the #4 pick in the NFL draft this year so they could take Sammy Watkins. So of course, he celebrated the occasion by snapping a selfie with commish Roger Goodell.


14. Hockey Duck Face

14 Mitch Callahan hockey injury selfie - best sports selfies

AHL player Mitch Callahan thought the Twittersphere would like to see what his face looked like after he took a puck to the mouth back in April. Hence the most disgusting sports selfie of all time.


13. Hockey Fight Selfie

13 lightning fan hockey fan selfie - best sports selfies

Okay, so technically this isn’t a selfie. It’s a GIF of a guy taking a selfie. But you get the idea.


12. Court Stormin' Selfie

12 tim miles selfie with nebraska fan who rushed court - best sports selfies

Nebraska basketball coach Tim Miles is very social media-savvy, interacting with fans and often tweeting during games. However, nothing he’d ever done quite compared to this awesome selfie he snapped with a Huskers fan who had rushed the court after Nebraska knocked off Ohio State.


11. Premier League Selfie

11 Wojciech Szczesny selfie with lukas podolski and kieran gibbs - best sports selfies

When Arsenal beat Tottenham 1-0 in the north London derby, goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny thought it would be fun to snap this selfie with Kieran Gibbs and Luka Podolski. And he was kind of right—the pic is awesome.

Unfortunately, it really pissed off Tottenham, and when Arsenal got destroyed by Chelsea 6-0 a few weeks later, the Gunners’ Andros Townsend had a pretty snappy reaction on Twitter.

Who thinks we will see another selfie from him after today’s game?”



10. Tennis Smooch

10 djokovic murray selfie madison square garden exhibition march 14 - best sports selfies

After an exhibition match at Madison Square Garden in March, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic took a few selfies in front of the packed out.

Then Djokovic demonstrated why they call him the Djoker.


9. The Stephanie Rice Selfie

9 stephanie rice bikini selfie - best sports selfies

Prior to the London Olympics in 2012, Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice became an internet phenomenon when she tweeted this photo of herself sporting an insane skimpy bikini.

I, for one, was outrage. OUTRAGED!


8. The Putin Olympic Selfie

8 brittany schussler selfie with putin at canada house sochi - best sports selfies

Speaking of selfies that caused a bit of controversy, how about this one from Canadian speed skater Brittany Schussler? She snapped it during the Sochi Olympic when Russian President Vladimir Putin stopped by Canada House for a visit.

Of course, given Putin’s less than stellar record when it comes to things like “freedom,” “human rights,” and “free elections,” a lot of people thought the selfie was in poor taste.

I thought it was hilarious, though.


7. Papi & Barry

7 david ortiz president obama white house selfie - best sports selfies

Who cares if Samsung did put Big Papi up to this? A selfie with the President is a selfie with the President.


6. Incriminating Selfie

6 aaron hernandez gun selfie - best sports selfies

Some selfies are fun and light-hearted. Others…not so much.

This one pretty much says it all about Aaron Hernandez, doesn’t it?


5. Field Invasion Selfie

5 kayleigh hill selfie field invader - sports selfies

Last year, Kayleigh Hill and some friends decided it would be fun to run out onto the field at the College World Series in Omaha and film themselves on Vine.

This truly epic selfie cost her $1500.


4. Masters Victory Party

4 bubba watson waffle house selfie - best sports selfies

Bubba Watson won his second Masters in 2014. Then he celebrated by taking his family and friends to the Waffle House down the street, where he snapped this shot.

You gotta love that guy.


3. JagrBomb Selfie

3 jagr photobomb selfie - best sports selfies

Selfie with Jaromir Jagr: pretty cool.

Selfie with Jaromir Jagr JagrBombing you: rigoddamndiculous.

Well done, sir.


2. Fastest Selfie Alive

2 usain bolt selfie - best sports selfies

Again, technically this isn’t a selfie. It’s a picture of a selfie. But damn, how could this not be on the list? Whoever this lucky bastard is, he has a picture of himself with Usain Bolt after he broke the world record in 100m sprint at the 2012 Summer Games.


1. Near Death Experience

1 kelly nash fenway selfie - best sports selfies

This is Kelly Nash. She’s a sideline reporter for the Rays, and last year she snapped what might just be the greatest selfie of all time.

Not just sports. Everything.

Seriously, this would be your Facebook profile picture for the rest of your life, wouldn’t it?