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Indonesian Soccer Player Dies From Vicious Tackle by Opposing Keeper (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, May 19, 2014
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Akli Fairuz Dies From Soccer Tackle

Akli Fairuz was a striker on his Indonesian soccer team Persiraja Banda Aceh.  Last week, his career and life ended in pretty much the most horrifying way possible, and the story is now picking up steam elsewhere in the world.

Fairuz received a body blow during a tackle from the boot of opposing PSAP Sigli goalie Agus Rahman. One of the scariest parts of the story is that he appeared to be mostly unharmed immediately following the tackle, watching the game from the Persiraja bench. Then, things went south, and Fairuz was eventually admitted to a hospital where he died days later from internal injuries, including a partially ruptured bladder.

The story is pretty much as nightmarish as it gets in sports, and it remains to be seen what kind of consequences will be suffered by Agus Rahman for his brutal tackle (his lifetime of guilt will probably seem like punishment enough to many people).

You can see an Indonesian TV news report on the story that includes frightening footage of the lethal tackle below:

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