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Human Head Rips From Abraham Lincoln’s Chest in Gruesome, Macabre Mascot Race (GIF)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mascot race

Even Abraham Lincoln‘s REAL death wasn’t this gruesome.

(Probably. That assassination didn’t sound too fun, either.)

In a mascot race at Monday’s Washington Nationals game, the other two mascots—who I would be happy to call out by name, if a) I was caught up on my U.S. history, and b)  they weren’t gross caricatures that resemble pretty much every founding father that signed the Declaration of Independence—unleashed a brutal clothesline on Honest Abe, forcing the man inside him to exit head-first through the abolitionist’s chest.

Strange times, my friends.

Here’s the GIF that you’ll never be able to un-see:

Hat Tip – [SBNation, via Deadspin]