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21 Truly Magnificent Charles Barkley GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, May 22, 2014
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Charles Barkley GIFs

On the one hand, I totally understand why people were offended when Charles Barkley called all the women of San Antonio fat on national (cable) television. There are some topics that just are not okay to joke about, and in my experience, a woman’s weight is definitely one of them.

On the other hand, there are few men in America I take less seriously than the Round Mound of Rebound. So while the things he said (and continues to say) may be irksome, it’s worth pointing out that this blowhard is probably not worth everyone’s outrage. He’s basically a shock jock. His job is to draw attention to himself and Inside the NBA by being ridiculous. And, as these GIFs will show you, the man is extremely good at being ridiculous.

So, are you ready for a good laugh? Okay then, click on those arrows…


21. Chuck vs. Godzilla

21 barkley dunks on godzilla - charles barkley gifs

Don’t worry, this isn’t footage from the new Godzilla movie. I’m not spoiling anything. It’s just a Nike commercial from 1992. You can see the whole thing here.


20. What's that smell?

20 charles barkley bo - charles barkley gifs

Apparently somebody forgot the Speedstick. (That’s a deodorant people used to wear, right? Speedstick?)


19. The Terrifying Fluffy Bunny

19 charles barkley scared of toy rabbit - charles barkley gifs

Obviously, a lot has changed since Charles Barkley’s Godzilla-fighting days.


18. Chuck vs. Shaq-Fu

18 charles-barkley-shaq-karate-chop - charles barkley gifs

Shaq is still pretty nimble. Charles? Not so much. I bet his vertical these days is like .75 inches.

(PS, when you’re done with these, take a look at some sweet Shaq GIFs.)

17. Chucknotized

17 spinning barkley head - charles barkley gifs

You are getting very sleepy. You feel your eyelids getting heavy. You can’t keep your eyes open any longer.

Good. Now, when I snap my fingers, you will wake up and be a chicken…then Charles Barkley will eat you.


16. Carles Barkley, Golf Pro: Part 1

16 charles barkley golf swing 3 - charles barkley gifs

Charles Barkley was very good at basketball. His golf swing, however, has a few minor kinks.

Want to see it from another angle? Well…


15. Carles Barkley, Golf Pro: Part 2

15 charles barkley golf swing 1 - charles barkley gifs

I know, I know. How is this swing even possible, right?

Let’s just take one more look…


14. Carles Barkley, Golf Pro: Part 3

14 charles barkley golf swing - charles barkley gifs

Wow. Just, wow. Charles Barkley was really good at basketball, but he is turrible at golf. Just turrible.


13. Chuck vs. The Shake Weight

13 charles barkley shake weight 2 - charles barkley gifs

Few people know this, but Charles Barkley was one of the first people embrace the shake weight.

As you can see, he’s having a little trouble in this one. However, it did not take him very long to master his stroke…


12. Chuck Owns the Shake Weight

12 charles barkley shake weight - charles barkley gifs

Of course, everybody knows what happens with you do this for too long…


11. Chuck vs. Champagne

11 charles-barkley-champagne-facial - charles barkley gifs

That’s right. When you jerk the shake weight for too long, you get too hot and somebody comes and sprays champagne all over you so you’ll cool down. Cause that’s what that is—champagne.

(Seriously, get your mind out of the gutter.)


10. ChuckDance, Part 1

10 charles barkley bench dance - charles barkley gifs

What’s that? Does Chuck like to dance? You’re goddamn right Chuck likes to dance.


9. ChuckDance, Part 2

9 charles barkley cool person dance - charles barkley gifs

Chuck likes to dance sitting down in the studio.


8. ChuckDance, Part 3

8 charles barkley sexy dance - charles barkley gifs

Chuck likes to dance standing up at the game.


7. FatChuckDance, Part 1

7 charles barkley fat guy dance 2 - charles barkley gifs

Hell, check even likes to take off his shirt and dance like he’s Magic Mike.

(Full disclosure: that’s not really Chuck’s body. It’s a joke.)


6. FatChuckDance, Part 2

6 charles barkley fat guy dance - charles barkley gifs

Sometimes Chuck is even a fat white guy. (He’s so versatile!)


5. What Chuck Would Look Like on Prescription Pain Killers

5 charles barkley with cat and tiger and eye patch - charles barkley gifs

This is actually a pretty typical Saturday night for Charles Barkley. All that’s missing are a bunch of sad, sad strippers.


4. Happy New Year!

4 charles barkley happy new year - charles barkley gifs

If you ever wondered what the Round Mound of Rebound would look like as a superhero, well, here you go.


3. Sleepytime

3 charles barkley falling asleep - charles barkley gifs

The really amazing thing? Charles has started dozing off while on the air on numerous occasions. Maybe it’s time he considered making the switch from chamomile tea to coffee?


2. Chuck vs. The Imaginary Churros, Part 1

2 charles barkley eating imaginary churros 2 - charles barkley gifs

Back when Chuck went on his original rant against the fat women of San Antonio, he mentioned that the only thing he really liked about the city were its churros.

Now, in case you don’t know what a churro is, it’s basically a Mexican donut, only instead of being round with a hole in the middle, it’s long and tubular…which is to say, yes, it’s penis-shaped.

So naturally, when Charles addressed his controversial remarks about San Antonio a week later, he made sure to reiterate that he does love the city’s churros. And he did this by miming what it’s like when he gorges on one after the other…


1. Chuck vs. The Imaginary Churros, Part 2

1 charles barkley eating imaginary churros 1 - charles barkley gifs

I have no idea whether Chuck was aware that it looked like he was fellating two ghosts.