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by: Esteban On  Thursday, May 22, 2014

terrible oklahoma city thunder rap song

I don’t know what it is about sports that makes fans want to create songs about their favorite teams, but I do know that it’s almost always—and I mean like 99% of the time—a terrible idea. Whether the goal is to be funny or totally ernest, making good music (or even good bad music) is really, really hard, and most people just shouldn’t do it.

The latest song inspired by sports comes to us from Oklahoma City, courtesy of some guy named Kabin Iyengar and his sister, Karnika Iyengar. According to the brief description on YouTube, it purports to be a comedic effort. However, it’s entirely unclear whether it’s the content of the song or the performance—it’s a rap song, FYI—that’s supposed to be humorous.

Either way, this thing definitely isn’t a member of the one percent.

See for yourself:

The bit about Collison and Adams was pretty funny, but the rest? So. Awkward.

Obviously, this is why the Thunder lost by 35 points to the Spurs last night. The universe was mad at them.

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]