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The 30 Hottest Daughters in Sports

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, May 27, 2014

hottest daughter in sports (hottest athlete daughters)

This week, the daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens gained went from 250 Twitter followers to over 45,000. Why? Because she is gorgeous, and because sports fans found out she exists when she represented the team at the NBA draft lottery.

The key takeaway? Sports fans love any excuse to look at photographs of beautiful women. And since I am in no position to argue with sports fans, who essentially pay my bills, today I’m going to just go with the flow and present you with this list of the hottest daughters in sports right now.

Some you know. Others you almost certainly do not. All of them are stunning. Take a look.


30. Chloe Trestman

27 chloe trestman (mark trestman) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

The dude on the left is Mark Trestman, head coach of the Chicago Bears. The young woman on the right is his daughter, Chloe, who is attractive.



29. Gigi Meyer

26 gigi meyer (urban meyer ohio state) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

This is Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer‘s youngest daughter, Gisela, a.k.a. Gigi. She players volleyball at Florida Gulf Coast University, in case you couldn’t figure that out.


28. Nicki Meyer

25 nicki meyer (urban meyer ohio state) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

This is Urban Meyer‘s other daughter, Nicki. As you can see, she is (or at one point was) dating a guy who looks like the guy Lindsay Lohan liked in the movie Mean Girls.


27. Jordin Sparks

24 jordin sparks (phillip sparks) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

That’s right, professional recording artist and winner of American Idol Jordin Sparks is the daughter of a pro athlete. Here dad, Phillipi Sparks, played cornerback for the New York Giants for most of the 1990s.



26. Tie: Rooney & Kate Mara

23 rooney and kate mara (pittsburgh steelers) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Kate and Rooney Mara, big shot Hollywood actresses, are NFL blue bloods. On the paternal side their great grandfather, Tim Mara, founded the New York Giants, and their uncle John Mara still owns 50% of the team. Meanwhile, on the maternal side their great grandfather, Art Rooney, founded the Pittsburgh Steelers, and their great uncle Dan Rooney owns them now.

Their probably Packers fans.


25. Nastia Liukin

nastia liukin

Nastia Liukin won All-Around gold for the United States at the 2008 Olympics, but her dad, Valeri Liukin, won gold for the Soviet Union in 1988.



24. Leigh Mayock

22 leigh mayock (mike mayock) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Leigh is the daughter of former New York Giants safety and current NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock. Her Twitter page says she works for NBC Sports, but it must be behind the scenes, because the only results you get when you search for her on Google are—you guessed it—lists of hot sports daughter.


23. Stephanie McMahon

21 stephanie mcmahon (vince mcmahon wwe) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Has any father in sports exploited his daughter’s rack more than WWE CEO Vince McMahon?

(That was rhetorical question. The answer is no.)


22. Deiondra Sanders

deiondra sanders

Neon Deion Sanders named his first two kids Deion Sanders Jr. and Deiondra Sanders.

This is Deiondra, who is hot.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Neon’s other three other kids are Shilo, Shedeur, and Shelomi.


21. Bianca LaRussa

20 bianca larussa raiders (tony larussa) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Bianca is a former Raiders Cheerleader and the daughter of Hall of Fame baseball manager Tony LaRussa.



20. Jasmyn Wilkins

19 jasmyn wilkin miss georgia usa 2012 (damien wilkins) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Jasmyn Wilkins was Miss Georgia USA 2012. Her dad, Gerald Wilkins, played 14 seasons in the NBA for the Knicks, Cavs, Grizzlies, and Magic.



19. Cassie Trammell

18 cassie trammell (judy trammell) cowboys cheerleaders - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Cassie Trammell isn’t the daughter of an athlete or even a team owner. However, he mom, Judy Trammell is a former DCC herself, and now she’s the head choreographer. So I’d say that makes Cassie a “sports daughter.”


18. Alexa Flutie

17 alexa flutie (doug flutie nfl) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

I suppose you’ve deduced that Alexa’s dad is legendary BC Eagles (and Buffalo Bills) quarterback Doug Flutie. If so, pat yourself on the back. You’re a regular Sherlock Holmes.


17. Mariah Woodson

16 mariah woodson (mike woodson nba) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Cheer up, Mike Woodson. You may no longer be the coach of the New York Knicks, but at least your gorgeous volleyball-playing daughter made our list.


16. Sara Kosar (a.k.a. Lexxi Silver)

15 lexxi silver (sara kosar) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

“Lexxi Silver?” you say. “What is she, a porn star?”

Well yes, actually, she is a porn star. And her dad is Bernie Kosar, quarterback for the Cleveland Browns from 1985 to 1993.

If you Google her name, her website will pop up, and there you can watch her…um…”perform.” Just do NOT do this at work, because he is 100% hardcore.

Sorry, Bernie.


15. Tracy Phillips

14 tracy phillips (wade phillips) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Tracy Phillips is an actress who’s never been in anything you’ve seen. Her dad, though, is Wade Phillips, former head coach of the Broncos, Bills, Cowboys, and Texans.



14. Biacana Gascoigne

13 bianca gascoigne (paul gascoigne) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

English soccer players are always dating (on cheating on their wives with) chicks like this. It’s quite fitting, therefore, that Bianca’s dad is Paul Gascoigne, former midfielder for Newcastle, Tottenham, and the English national team.


13. Tie: Angela & Amber Cope

12 amber and angela cope (darren cope) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Twins Angela and Amber Cope are the granddaughters of 1970 NHRA drag-racing champ Don Cope. Their dad, Darren Cope, also dabbled in pro motor sports, but it was their uncle, Darrike Cope who has had the most success, winning the Dayton 500 in 19990.

As for Angela and Amber, they don’t just post for sexy pictures in front of stock cars. They’ve actually competed in the Camping World Truck Series and the Nationwide Series…though not very well.


12. Avery Schlereth

11 avery schlereth (mark schlereth nfl) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Mark Schlereth was a 2x Pro Bowl guard for Washington and Denver and a 3x Super Bowl Champ, and now he’s an analyst on the NFL network. However, his greatest achievement by far is making a daughter this insanely hot.



11. Mallory Edens

10 mallory edens (wes edens bucks owner) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

So here at #11 we have the lovely 18-year-old Mallory Edens. It would seem her dad, Wes Edens, is trying to groom her to take an active role in running the Milwaukee Bucks. However, I would be remiss not to point out that it’s possible she just wants to get 15 minutes of fame and parlay that into an acting career or something.


10. Anjali Ranadive

9 anjali randive (vivek randive sacramento kings owner) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Everyone went nuts about Mallory Edens at the 2014 NBA draft lottery, but here was actually another owner’s daughter there who is equally hot. Meet Anjali Ranadive, pop/R&B singer and daughter of Sacramento Kings owner Vikek Ranadive.


9. Sydney Esiason

8 sydney esiason (boomer esiason) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

That’s Sydney on the right in the white bikini. Her dad, lest you haven’t figured it out, is former Bengals QB Boomer Esiason.



8. Eva Shockey

7 eva shockey (jim shockey) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Eva is the daughter of legendary outdoorsman and TV personality Jim Shockey, and she too is an avid hunter and TV personality. Go ahead and give her a Googlin’ if you want to photos of her posing with all manner of dead animals.

7. Gina Carano


Wait what? Gina Carano, sports daughter?

Yep, believe it. Her dad is Glenn Carano, who was a backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys from 1977 to 1983.


6. Angela Rypien

6 angela rypien (marc rypien) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

LFL star Angela Rypien is following in her dad Mark Rypien‘s footsteps…only she plays quarterback in sexy lingerie.


5. Brittany Gastineau

2 brittny gastineau (mark gastineau nfl) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

This is the incredibly sexy daughter of legendary Jets defensive end Mark Gastineau.

Yeah. Wow.



4. Kendall Jenner

4 kendall jenner (bruce jenner) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

Kendall Jenner: half sister of Kim Kardashian, sister-in-law of Kanye West, and daughter of gold medal decathlete-turned-plastic surgery tabloid weirdo Bruce Jenner.



3. Tie: Diana & Alyonka Larianov

4 diana and alyonka larianov (igor larianov) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

How could I possibly pick between the two gorgeous daughters of Red Wings great Igor Larionov? They’re both incredible.



2. Deepika Padukone

deepika padukone (prakash padukone) - hottest daughters in sports

Deepika is the daughter of Prakash Padukone. You know who Prakash Padukone is, right?

No? Well, he’s a former world champion badminton player who became the first Indian to win the All England Championship. So he’s a big deal in his home country…as is his daughter, who is an insanely gorgeous actress.




1. Paulina Gretzky

1 paulina gretzky (wayne gretzky) - hottest daughters in sports (sports daughters)

You know she was on the list. Did you ever doubt she would take the number one spot?

Paulina, of course, is the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, greatest hockey player of all time. She is also engaged to PGA pro Dustin Johnson, which means she is both a hot sports daughter and a hot sports WAG.

What a world.