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The 20 Hottest Women Ever Photographed with Johnny Manziel

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, May 28, 2014

johnny manziel with hot chicks

There are a lot of perks to being Johnny Manziel right now, the biggest being that multi-million dollar contract he’s eventually going to sign with the Cleveland Browns.

However, in second place right behind the millions of dollars are the women. And I don’t just mean the chicks he actually “dates,” either. Everywhere this kid goes, hot women just walk right up to him, start conversations, and ask to have their photo taken with him. That’s like being out fishing, and all the big fish are jumping in your boat—which is to say, it’s amazing.

Today, we’re going to give you a little sense of just how awesome it is to be Johnny Manziel by ranking the 20 hottest women with whom he’s ever been photographed. We don’t how many he “sealed the deal” with, but you can bet it has happened on more than one occasion—especially since one of the women on this list was actually his official girlfriend.

Ready? Let the envy begin…


20. Just Some Random Hot Blonde

20 johnny manziel with random cute blonde

Who is this lovely woman? When was this photo even taken? I have no idea. And that, really, is the point. There are so many photos of Johnny Football with hot women that is doesn’t even matter where or when or who.

Now, for comparison, sit down and think of how many photos you have of yourself with a woman at least this hot. (Girlfriends and significant others count only once.) I bet you can count them on one hand, can’t you?


19. Random Spring Break Bikini Chicks

19 johnny manziel random spring break chicks

Oh, hey there cute girls in sexy bikinis! Sure I’ll take a picture with you. What’s that? Your boyfriend is a huge fan of mine? Where is your boyfriend, anyway?


18. Typical Tuesday Night

17 johnny manziel photo with group of girls random tuesday night

One random Tuesday night, Johnny Football was walking around the streets of College Station, Texas, when this pack of eight girls stopped him and asked for a picture.

What was he going to tell them? No? Yeah right.


17. Random Beach Hottie

15 johnny manziel random beach hottie lauren shelton @laurshel

See what I mean? If you are Johnny Manziel, you just go to the beach and the chicks in bikinis come to you. And let’s be honest, too—it has nothing to do with his looks. It’s all about celebrity.


16. Elika Sadeghi

14 johnny manziel at wynn las vegas pool with hot chick elika sadeghi @steaknstiffarms

This woman’s name is Elika Sadeghi, and she was at the Wynn Las Vegas with some equally attractive girlfriends this past Saturday when she spotted Johnny Football and asked if he’d pose for a photo.

Sadeghi, by the way, is apparently some sort of sportswriter. (Which is exactly what my mom tells her friends about me.) You see more of her (and her other hot friends) on the Instagramz @steaknstiffarms.


15. The Chick with the Amazing Eyes

13 johnny manziel in the pool with @ashleynproske and @kwatson1017

Wow. What a set of peepers, amiright?


14. The Spring Break Smoocher

12 johnny manziel random spring break hottie @_heatherjohnson

This is another one from spring break. And judging by the hand around the waste and the kiss, I think Johnny actually got to know this woman a little bit.


13. Super Bowl Party with Alex Corddry

11 johnn manziel with alex corddry cbs 42 birmingham (right) at super bowl party

I don’t know about the brunette, but the blond on Mr. Football’s left arm is Alex Corddry. These days she’s a sports reporter for WHDH ABC 7 in Boston, but at the time this photo was snapped at a Super Bowl XLVII party, she was covering SEC sports for CBS42 in Birmingham.

Also, she is very, very hot.


12. Johnny Football at a Dallas Hooters

10 johnny-manziel-hooters-houston @jle0511

When was the last time you ate at Hooters and the waitresses asked you for a photo?

Oh right. NEVER.


11. Just Two Hot Blondes Getting Cozy

9 johnny manziel with hot blondes kels_jweath

My internet sleuthing tells me that the attractive blonde woman on the right is named Kelsey. Not that you really care.


10. Sexy Aggie

8 johnny manziel with traci vega @tracidvega bikini chick

Here’s a nice little photo of Johnny Football with his gold iPhone and a sexy Texas A&M student named Traci Vega.

Her priorities in life, according to Twitter? (1) God, (2) Family, (3) Fashion, and (4) Aggies.

Good to know.


9. Sara Savage: The Ex Future Mrs. Football

7 johnny manziel heisman sarah savage

When Johnny Football was the Heisman, he was dating a fine young lady named Sarah Savage…who is a bikini model.


8. Another Random Beach Hottie

16 johnn manziel random beach hottie @ramerkatie

Who is this woman? Just some hot chick from Purdue who ran into Senor Football on the beach in Cabo last March, snapped this pic, and gained a ton of Instagram followers. No big deal.

You can check her out yourself if you like. (No, really, do it.)


7. Manziel's Sexy Memorial Day Entourage

6 johnny manziel and gronk with hot pool chicks in vegas memorial day weekend

This is the group Johnny Football was hanging with at the Wynn Las Vegas on Memorial Day weekend.

And yes, that is Rob Gronkowski. I’m surprised you noticed.


6. Johnny Hanging with Some Babes at the Cowboys Game

5 johnny manziel at cowboys game with sexy women

Johnny Football never got paid as a college athlete, but somehow he always found himself in enviable places—like luxury boxes (filled with gorgeous women) at Cowboys games.


5. Johnny Cabo

4 johnny manziel spring break in cabo

This is just like the time I went to Cabo for spring break, only two hot chicks never tried to make out with me at the same time.


4. Ice Cream in San Diego

3 johnny manziel with hot bikini chicks in san diego ice cream shop

Even when Johnny is trying to work he runs into hot bikini babes who want to pose for pictures. In this instance Johnny was in San Diego working with his private quarterback coach when he decided to go for ice cream and ran into these women.


3. Johnny Doo on Halloween

3 johnny manziel scooby do hot chick in lingerie

If you dressed as Scooby Doo, there’s no way you’d end up dancing with the chick dressed up as a high-end callgirl.


2. Johnny and Kyndal

2 johnny manziel at rangers game with kyaire sexy

Remember when the internet went crazy because Johnny Manziel shows up at a Texas Rangers game with this woman?

Yeah, that was awesome.

By the way, her name is Kyndal Kyaire…so I guess she’s named after the e-reader.


1. Whoa Nelly

1 manziel with cleavage chick in red shirt

No, that’s not the same woman as the last one. Johnny Manziel just has a type. (Really hot.)