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33 Classic Ceremonial First Pitches (GIFs)

by: Esteban On  Friday, May 30, 2014

ceremonial first pitch gifs

If it seems to you like there have been a number of noteworthy first pitches recently, you’re totally right. In the last few weeks alone we’ve seen a 101-year-old grandma, a major hip hop star, and a cat throw out the first pitch at professional baseball games. We’re basically living in the golden age of the ceremonial first pitch. And it is glorious.

Today, we’re going to celebrate this golden age with a list of the most amazing first pitch GIFs known to man (which is to say, that I could find using Google). Does it include GIFs of the first pitches I just referenced? You’re damn right it does. And it also includes 30 others that are notable for one reason or another. So lean forward, crinkle your brow like you’re analyzing an important spreadsheet or something so your boss doesn’t get suspicious, and take a look.


33. Keeping Up with the Kardashians

kardashians first pitch dodgers game - amazing first pitch gifs

Keeping up with the Kardashians is one thing. Catching one of their first pitches is another.


32. Ringu

sadaku (ringu) first pitch (the ring) - amazing first pitch gifs

Yes, that is the creepy girl from The Ring…sort of.

The Ring is actually based on a 1998 Japanese film called Ringu, and since this ceremonial first pitch is from Japan, that’s actually the creepy girl from Ringu.


31. Boston Strong

19 jeff bauman carlo arredondo first pitch red sox game - amazing first pitch gifs

Check out Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman. Dude totally rips a strike from his wheelchair, like a boss.


30. Mariah Carey's Four-Bouncer

mariah carey terrible first pitch - amazing first pitch gifs

Maybe it bounced four times, but at least she kept it around the plate.


29. Cirque du Soleil

18 cirque-du-soleil-first-pitch padres - amazing first pitch gifs

And after all that, a strike right down the middle. Those Cirque du Soleil folks are good.


28. 50 Cent Is Bad at Baseball

50 cent first pitch - amazing first pitch gifs

Looks like Fiddy had a little too much Bacardi in da club that night.


27. Snake Eyes

17 g.i. joe snake eyes first pitch oakland athletics - amazing first pitch gifs

I bet if all pitchers carried swords while they pitched, nobody would ever charge the mound.


26. Baba Booey

baba booey first pitch - amazing first pitch gifs

In 2009, Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate threw out one of the worst ceremonial pitches of all time…unless he was trying to hit the umpire.


25. Rich Guy Fail

john bledsoe first pitch fsu stetson - amazing first pitch gifs

This guy’s name is John Bledsoe. He’s some rich insurance company guy who did something that Stetson University liked, so they had him throw out the first pitch at one of their baseball games.

It. Was. Awful.


24. Guy Boucher, Hockey Coach

16 guy boucher hockey stick first pitch rays game - amazing first pitch gifs

When you have the coach of the local NHL team come throw out the first pitch, you might as well have him use a hockey stick.

(PS, Guy Boucher no longer coaches the Tampa Bay Lightning.)


23. Cervilio Miguel Amador's Baseball Ballet

15 cervilio miguel amador ballet first pitch reds game - amazing first pitch gifs

Um, balk?


22. Jermichael Finley

jermichael finley terrible first pitch - amazing first pitch gifs

Hey, Jermichael Finley is a tight end. His job is to catch balls, not throw them.


21. John Wall

john wall terrible first pitch nationals game - amazing first pitch gifs

John Wall is also a member of the “professional athletes embarrassing themselves with horrendous first pitches” club.


20. John Wall: Redemption

john wall first pitch redemption nationals game - amazing first pitch gifs

But John Wall has pride. So he went home, practiced, and came back to redeem himself.


19. Russell Wilson

14 russell wilson first pitch seattle mariners - amazing first pitch gifs

Now Russell Wilson—there’s a guy who didn’t embarrass himself.

Of course, he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies, so you kind of expect him to get it over the plate.


18. Colin Kaepernick

13 colin kaepernick first pitch fastball - amazing first pitch gifs

Colin Kaepernick was also drafted by a Major League Baseball team. (Well, the Cubs.) And last year, he threw out what might be the fastest first pitch in baseball history.

Seriously, the thing clocked in at 87 miles per hour.


17. Johnny Baseball

12 johnny manziel first pitch padres game - amazing first pitch gifs

Johnny Manziel isn’t knows for his incredible arm strength. He’s known for his scrambling. So when he threw out the first pitch at a Padres game, that’s what he showcased.


16. Batkid

batkid first pitch

Remember San Francisco’s Batkid? Well, he threw out the first pitch at AT&T Park on April 7, 2014.


15. Gymnastics

11 korean gymnast crazy first pitch - amazing first pitch gifs

Yeah, that’s pretty good I guess…


14. Capoeira

10 korean capoera first pitch - amazing first pitch gifs

…but that is better.


13. Holly Sonders

9 holly sonders first pitch golf - amazing first pitch gifs

Well, it is called a pitching wedge, is it not?


12. The Interception

johnny damon intercepts manny ramirez first pitch fenway

Ten years later, Johnny Damon got revenge for Manny Ramirez’s “interception.”


11. Darth Vader Sucks

8 darth vader first pitch rays game - amazing first pitch gifs

Everyone in the stadium laughed, so Vader force-choked them all to death.


10. Vader Sucks a Little Less

7 darth vader first pitch reds game - amazing first pitch gifs

Look at how Mr. Red gets down to block that ball! Dude obviously realized that if Vader got charged with another passed ball he’d be a gonner.


9. Ceremonial First Pickoff Attempt?

cincinnati mayor mark mallory - amazing first pitch gifs

That’s former Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory. He really sucks at throwing a baseball.


8. Carly Rae Jepsen

carly rae jepsen first pitch rays game - amazing first pitch gifs

Carly Rae Jepsen also really sucks at throwing a baseball…and at writing a second song that people like.

J/K, I’m sure there are hundreds of people who liked “Good Time,” her follow-up to “Call Me Maybe.”


7. Carl Lewis

carl lewis terrible first pitch - amazing first pitch gifs

Carl Lewis won nine Olympic gold medals at four different Games, but not one of them were in baseball.


6. Oldest First Pitcher Ever

6 101 year old grandma first pitch jays game - amazing first pitch gifs

This lady is 101 years old and doesn’t have a single Olympic gold medal, but she sure as hell thew a strike at the Rogers Centre on Mother’s Day.

(I really hope Carl Lewis is reading this right now.)


5. Chocolate Strike

5 hershey chocolate bar first pitch to philly phanatic - amazing first pitch gifs

This Hershey chocolate bar also throws better than 9x Olympic champion Carl Lewis.

(Man, I’m really rubbing it on now.)


4. Samurai Pitch

4 samurai first pitch detroit tigers game - amazing first pitch gifs

It’s a damn good thing this dude got the ball over the plate, or else 25,000 fans at Comerica Park would have seen him commit seppuku right there on the pitchers mound.


3. Dodger Dog

3 tillman the bulldog first pitch dodgers game - amazing first pitch gifs

This is Tillman. You might remember him as the skateboarding bulldog featured in that iPhone commercial from 2007. Last year he threw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game…minus skateboard, unfortunately.


2. Hero Cat

2 hero cat first pitch - amazing first pitch gifs

What you’re watching is the exactly moment Hero Cat‘s 15 minutes of fame expired.


1. T-Rex

1 t-rex first pitch - amazing first pitch gifs

You probably think this is some CGI sorcery, but it’s not. It’s basically the biggest, most badass puppet you’ve ever seen. Look closely and you’ll see the legs of the legs of the person controlling the dinosaur from inside its ass.

Well done, Padres. Well done.