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Chris Paul Posterizes Kevin Hart, Puts It on Instagram (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 11, 2014
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Chris Paul posterize Kevin Hart

When a man is as short as Kevin Hart, a funny thing happens. His stature somehow loops back around on itself and it becomes just as impressive (or, at least, entertaining) to dunk on him as it would be dunking on a much taller man. Chris Paul recently proved this theory on Instagram, posting a video of himself posterizing the comedian.

The posterization seems to be greeted in good spirit by Kevin Hart, which makes sense if you figure he’s got to be used to this kind of thing happening to him by now. For his part, Chris Paul included plenty of promotion for Hart’s upcoming movie, Think Like A Man Too, so you know there are no hard feelings:

“In honor of my man @kevinhart4real movie premiere tonite I figured I would show how we spent yesterday… #SundayFunDay#DontJump#IWishICouldDoThatFaReal#HendrixSawItToo#ThinkLikeAManToo”

You can see the video of Kevin Hart getting posterized by Chris Paul below. And for more from Chris Paul’s Instagram account, just click here.

Here’s the video: