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Police Chase Cuts Through Fargo Golf Course in Cinematic Fashion (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, June 20, 2014
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If you were watching this in a movie, it would probably be the point where you rolled your eyes and went, “Well, this is a little cliche.”  But it was a real life scene when cops were chasing down a reckless driver in a chase that went through neighborhoods, by a mall, then back to where it all started—the golf course.

Golfers called the police using their cell phones (phones on the course might violate club policy, BTW) when they noticed a driver in a truck doing circles around a water hazard. I bet those uptight country club folk were so shocked that they dropped their monocles right into their martini glasses.

(A quick Google search tells me that the golf course, Village Green Golf Course, is actually a public course maintained by the city. Whatever. I’m leaving that last joke in.)

Take a look at the chase in this video:

It doesn’t actually look like it comes from an action film as much as it does a clip from Grand Theft Auto. I mean, they even got the helicopter in there.

The driver was apprehended near a mall and faces counts of  fleeing police in a motor vehicle, criminal damage to property, and careless driving from this incident. Oh, and he’s also already facing federal drug and theft charges.