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by: Esteban On  Monday, June 23, 2014
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miami heat fans can't name miami players

The 2014 NBA Finals are over. The Spurs defeated the Heat in convincing fashion, and Gregg Popovich trolled the hell out of the NBA’s most-hated team at the championship pep rally in San Antonio. So you would think that would be enough, that we could just leave it at that and take a summer off from ridiculing the Miami Heat. But no. Before we forget about the NBA for a few months, we just have to mock Heat fans one more time.

Of course, in fairness to us, we’re not really the ones doing the mocking. It’s actually Cari Champion of ESPN2′s First Take ripping on Heat fans. She’s the one who asked a bunch of self-professed Heat fans to identify past Heat stars, not us. We’re just reporting about it in the interest of…well…something or other.

It is funny, though. Take a look:

Champion is hardly the first to lampoon bandwagon Heat fans, but come on, does it ever get old?

Haha Miami, we’re all better than you!