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Luis Suarez Made 167 Bettors a Lot of Money When He Bit Giorgio Chiellini Yesterday

29 of the Best Luis Suarez Bite Memes and Tweets

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, June 25, 2014

suarez bite memes

As soon as Luis Suarez took a bite out of Giorgio Chiellini yesterday during the final winner-take-all group stage game between Uruguay and Italy, you knew right away it would become an internet meme. After all, Suarez is one of the most polarizing figures in soccer, a guy who already had two biting suspensions in his career. And whenever something really crazy happens in the world of sports, the internet is all over it.

Of course, in this case, with the entire world watching a huge game in the world’s biggest sporting event, the meme exploded like a supernova. And today I’ve got a fairly comprehensive list of the best Suarez bite memes and tweets the internet could come up with.

Take a look, have a good laugh, and then take a moment to feel sorry for the good people of Uruguay. They’re team will likely be without their best player for the remainder of the tournament because he acts like a petulant toddler.


29. If You Can't Beat 'Em...

28 just eat them - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

If you can’t beat them, don’t join them. That’s for suckers. Eat them. They’re delicious.


28. The Suarez Hat Trick

27 suarez gets the hat trick - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

Hockey has the Gordie Howe hat trick. Soccer has the Suarez hat trick.


27. Needs Salt

29 suarez needs more salt - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

Actually, I’m surprised Suarez doesn’t have his own special blend of herbs and spices. It would fly off grocery store shelves.


26. Mmmm Chicken

what suarez sees fried chicken - suarez bite memes

A nice effort, but the little inset of Suarez biting Chiellini isn’t necessary. We all get why it’s funny.


25. Suarez the Chipmunk

25 funny suarez tweet 2 - suarez bite memes

Funny, yes. But why does this person have a large purple stuffed chipmunk?

24. Suarez the Beaver

ricky gervais suarez beaver tweet - suarez bite memes and tweets

Ricky Gervais has a point. Suarez does resemble a beaver. Have you seen the guy’s protruding teeth?


23. Teething

24 suarez teether - suarez bite memes

Actually, this should be FIFA’s punishment. He can either be banned for the rest of the 2014 World Cup, or he could sit on the streets of Sao Paolo with a teething ring in his mouth for two hours. Let the man chose between going home early and totally humiliation.


22. Chewy Luis

23 huff post suarez headline - suarez bite memes

Obviously, HuffPost UK wins the award for best English language Suarez headline. It’s truly first rate.


21. Italian Food

22 italian food - suarez bite memes

Think how much less funny this whole thing would have been if Suarez had bitten a Nigerian or something.


20. Snickers Burn

21 snickers tweet - suarez bite memes

Damn, Luis Suarez, you just got owned by a candy bar.


19. Suarez Being Subbed Off

19 suarez being subbed off - suarez bite memes

Brace yourselves. More dog-related Suarez bite memes are coming.


18. The Cone of Shame

18 dog cone - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

Very funny. But at the risk of bursting everyone’s bubble, the cones prevent dogs from biting themselves when they have skin issues or scars. They can still bite others.


17. Animal Control

17 suarez dog catchers - suarez bite memes

Now that’s some quality photoshoppin’.


16. Muzzled

16 suarez in muzzle - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

One of the captions I saw for this one was something like, “Suarez’s kit for 2014/15.”


15. The Dog Whisperer

15 cesar milan rehabilitates luis suarez - suarez bite memes

Cesar Millan always says he rehabilitates dogs and trains people. But what the hell would he do with Luis Suarez?


14. Suarez Bottle Opener

14 suarez bottle opener - suarez bite memes

Come on, I know Budweiser if the official beer of the World Cup, but Buds have twist-offs.


13. The Golden Bite Award

13 bite of the year - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

I’m pretty sure that’s the grill Tuco wore on Breaking Bad. I don’t know if Suarez is that crazy.


12. Count Suarezula

12 suarez count dracula - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

Nice effort, SB Nation, but Dracula usually has a nasty pair of fangs, too.


11. One, Two, Three! Three Bites!

11 suarez count - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

Actually, maybe Sesame Street can try to teach Suarez not to bite. That might work.


10. Team Luis

10 suarez twilight - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

Still no fangs, SB Nation? Come on, get your sh*t together.


9. True Blood

9 suarez true blood vampire suarez opponents jersey cuts of meat - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

See, that’s more like it. Vampires have fangs.


8. Jaws

8 suarez jaws - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

Obviously, we’re on a roll with the movie-based Suarez bite memes. Let’s just keep the ball rolling a little bit longer…


7. Hannibal Suarez

7 suarez lecter - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

Hannibal Suarez or Luis Lecter. Either way, you get the idea. He likes to eat people with side of chianti and a nice glass of chianti.


6. The Walking Suarez

6 zombie suarez - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

Epic photoshop. I don’t know if @FootyHumour did it, but whoever it was has my utmost respect.


5. Haters Gonna Hate

5 suarez hates nickelback - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

This one just goes to show you that Nickelback haters will never hesitate to slip a Nickelback burn into any conversation.


4. Hungry Hungry Suarez

4 hungry hungry suarez suarez opponents jersey cuts of meat - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

Suarez should totally sign a licensing deal so somebody would actually make this. It would make  great Christmas present for the soccer fan in our family.


3. Bite Line Technology

3 bite line technology - suarez bite memes

If the BBC commentators can’t figure out goal line technology, I can only imagine the trouble they’d have with this.


2. Know Your Cuts of Meat

2 suarez opponents jersey cuts of meat - luis suarez bite memes and tweets

See, Giorgia Chiellini is actually pretty lucky Suarez didn’t go for the brisket or sirloin. That would have been really painful.


1. Holyfield Wins the Internet

1 evander holyfield luis suarez tweet - luis suarez bite memes and tweets


Of course, few people know more about the subject of getting bit during a sporting event than Evander Holyfield. And it did not take him very long to weigh in with the greatest tweet of his life.

Well done, Evander. Well done.