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Military Dad Surprises Son at Royals Game, Things Get Emotional (Video)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, June 25, 2014

military dad surprises son at royals game

I have tons of respect for military families. They make huge sacrifices most of us couldn’t fathom. However, for a little while, all those reunion videos of dads and moms surprising their kids were starting to get a little boring.

You see, when reunion videos first started hitting the web, it was always veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to surprise kids who hadn’t seen them in two years. And that was some heavy, emotional stuff. Eventually, though, media outlets started scraping the bottom of the barrel, and pretty soon we were seeing videos of reservists returning from a couple months in California. And that’s just not the same.

More recently, though, military reunion videos have gotten awesome again, and the one we have today is another great example.

At the Kansas City Royals game last night, 11-year-old Austin Sides thought he was just a lucky kid who was chosen to throw out the first pitch. However, in reality, he wasn’t just throwing out the first pitch. He was throwing out the first pitch to his dad, Air Force Major Robert Sides, who was back home after being stationed in Kuwait since last June. And when Austin realized what was going on, his reaction was priceless.

Take a look:

That was pretty moving.

Now quick, everybody go call your dads.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]