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27 Wonderfully Ridiculous Hulk Hogan GIFs

by: Esteban On  Friday, June 27, 2014
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Hulk Hogan GIFs (Hulk Hogan American Flag)

Yesterday, while working on a post about how Hulk Hogan has become the official mascot of the USMNT for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I thought it would be fun to link to a list of Hulk Hogan GIFs. So I went into the old archives and had a look around only to make a horrible discovery: we didn’t have a list of Hulk Hogan GIFs.

Well today, friends, we rectify this embarrassing oversight. Here are 27 fantastic animated GIFS of the Hulkster in all his Hulkmaniac glory. And no, there are no GIFs from his sex tape. They’re all totally safe for work.

In fact, you should go show this to your boss right now. He or she will probably give you a promotion, such is charisma of Terry Bollea.



27. The Hulkstroke

Hulk Hogan Swim Flex - hulk hogan gifs

What is the Hulkstroke? It’s just like the backstroke…only you don’t need water.


26. Pepsi: Hulk-Approved

hulk hogan likes pepsi - hulk hogan gifs

This is actually from the 1989 Hulk Hogan classic No Holds Barred, not a Pepsi commercial. But it looks like a Pepsi commercial, doesn’t it?


25. Improvised Weight Training

hulk hogan working out - hulk hogan gifs

The description of Suburban Commando, via IMDB:

Shep Ramsey is an interstellar hero, righting wrongs, etc. His ship is damaged after a fight with an interstellar nasty and he must hide out on Earth until it can recharge. He leaves his power suit at home, but still finds himself unable to allow wrongs to go unrighted and so mixes it up with bad drivers, offensive paperboys, muggers and the like. Then the family he’s staying with finds his power suit and the father tries it on.

Can you believe this thing only has a rating of 4.2?


24. THESE Guys

hulk hogan and buddies - hulk hogan gifs

Every Hulk needs some bare-chested oily bros to hang out with, amiright?


23. Toast!

hulk hogan beer smash toast - hulk hogan gifs

That’s how macho men toast. They don’t care if they do spray beer all over the place.


22. Cartoon Hulkster

hulk hogan cartoon - hulk hogan gifs

Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling (1985-85) was probably the greatest Saturday morning cartoon in the history of Saturday morning cartoons. I don’t know how on earth it only laster two seasons.


21. Hogan v. Ford

Hulk Hogan Rob Ford Arm Wrestle - hulk hogan gifs

Remember that time Hulk Hogan arm-wrestling crack-smokin’ Toronto Mayor Rob Ford? It was pretty much the best.


20. Hulkface

hulk looking at internet porn - hulk hogan gifs

This is probably the same face the Hulkster makes when he’s looking at internet porn. 


19. Angry Grandma

Hogan Fights Grandma - hulk hogan gifs

I think somebody forgot to tell grandma about his heel-turn from the Hulkster to Hollywood Hogan. She seems pretty upset.


18. Tête-à-Tête

hulk hogan with his severed head - hulk hogan gifs

Well that’s just unsettling.


17. Loogster

hulk hogan spit - hulk hogan gifs

Good old Terry Bollea is just as good at playing a scumbag as he is at playing a true American Patriot.


16. Daddy Crotch Adjustment

hulk hogan brook hogan crotch grab - hulk hogan gifs

In case you never got the chance to watch Hogan Knows Best while it was on the air, yes, it was full of very uncomfortable father-daughter moments just like this.


15. Hulking UP

hulk hogan shirt tear - hulk hogan gifs

You couldn’t have a list of Hulk Hogan GIFs without at least one of the Hulkster ripping his shirt off. That wouldn’t be right.


14. Glitter Blower

Hulk Hogan Dolly Confetti - hulk hogan gifs

I have no idea what’s going on here, and I don’t want to know. It would ruin the mystique.


13. Guitar Hero, Part 1: Stars 'n' Stripes

hulk hogan american flag guitar - hulk hogan gifs

Don’t let the fact that the Hulkster is gripping the neck of the guitar like he grips the neck of a beer bottle throw you off–the dude can shred.


12. Guitar Hero, Part 2: Pyrotechnics

Hulk Hogan Fireworks Guitar - hulk hogan gifs

Seriously, though, I want that American Flag guitar.


11. Guitar Hero, Part 3: HulkRock Across American

rocking out across the nation - hulk hogan gifs

Of all the Hulk-playing-an-American-Flag-guitar GIFs out there, this one is my favorite.


10. Wrecking Hulk, Part 1

Hulk Hogan Wrecking Ball - hulk hogan gifs

Yes, this really happened. Hulk Hogan made a spoof of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” video. Frankly, I’m not sure what would be worse—Hulk wearing this thong, or Hulk fully nude just like the actual video. I definitely don’t want to find out.


9. Wrecking Hulk, Part 2

wrecking ball 2 - hulk hogan gifs

Who, me?


8. Over-Caffeinated?

too much coffee - hulk hogan gifs

The Hulkster’s facial expression on fast-forward are mind-blowing.


7. Over-Medicated?

hulk hogan extreme coke face - hulk hogan gifs

If you’ve ever wondered what the Hulkster would look like on meth, well, here you go.


6. Hulk Hogan: Defender of Amurrica

hulk hogan crumbles quadaffi - hulk hogan gifs

They burned American Flags in Libya, so obviously the Hulkster crumpled Muammar Gaddafi’s photo and challenged him to a wrestling match. Like you do.


5. Head-Butter of Commies

Hulk Hogan Headbutt Soviet Flag - hulk hogan gifs

Every time I see this one I laugh for three minutes. And I’m not even joking. The dude is head butting a Soviet flag!


4. Lady Hulk

hulk hogan wtg wig - hulk hogan gifs

I’m not sure why Hulk Hogan dressed up as Snooki from Jersey Shore (memba them?), but he did, and it was fantastic.


3. Ballerina Hulk

hulk hogan ballet tutu - hulk hogan gifs

If you’ve never seen Mr. Nanny, wow I feel sorry for you. It’s a classic.


2. Rump Shakin'

hulk hogan wiggle sexy butt - hulk hogan gifs

Hulk’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
They’re like, it’s better than yours
Damn right, it’s better than yours
He can teach you, but he’d have to charge


1. No Comment

hulk hogan ultimate warrior blow job - hulk hogan gifs

The Hulkster had one hell of a rivalry with the Ultimate Warrior, did he not?