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by: Esteban On  Tuesday, July 8, 2014

man gored in ass during running of the bulls 1

If you’ve ever thought about going to Spain and taking part in the annual running of the bulls, just ask yourself “What Would Rex Ryan Do?” Then do the opposite.

However, if for some reason that is not enough to convince you that running with the bulls is a stupid idea, just take a good long look at the following photos. And I mean really study them. Because you do not want to be this guy.

man gored in ass during running of the bulls 2

man gored in ass during running of the bulls 3

man gored in ass during running of the bulls 4

This isn’t even from the official running of the bulls festival in Pamplona. It’s from a copycat event in Denia called the Bous a la Mer, which actually means Bulls in the Sea, but might as well mean Bulls Up Your Ass. Unfortunately we don’t know what happened to this guy, but we know four people were hospitalized in Pamplona after day one of the running of the bulls, and that one of them got gored in the thigh.

The funny thing is, the folks at PETA go and protest these bull events every year on grounds that it’s cruel to the bulls, who all end up dead and on dinner plates. However, if they really wanted to get people to stop doing it, they’d forget the danger to the bulls and focus on the danger to rectums, which is substantial.

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