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30 Hottest Female Fans Spotted at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

by: Esteban On  Thursday, July 10, 2014


The 2014 FIFA World Cup has given us a lot of exciting moments over the last four weeks. However, let’s not pretend that it hasn’t given us some pretty dull moments as well, because this is soccer we’re talking about, and there are always a few dull moments.

So what did the soccer fans of world do during those dull moments? They took in the sights. And by took in the sights I mean they looked at the hot female soccer fans. There were tons of them in Brazil for the World Cup, and the photographers and TV camera operators of the world did not leave us hanging.

Of course, the 2014 World Cup is almost over now. However, we’ve got a few more days until the final between Argentina and Germany. And while we’re waiting for the climax of the world’s greatest sporting event, we might as well kill the time once again by checking out hot female fans. So to that end, here’s a list of the 30 hottest ones we saw. Enjoy!


30. Photo Op

30 hot france fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

The French fans didn’t particularly stand out at the 2014 World Cup…though obviously there were exceptions. (Hint: I’m talking about this woman.)


29. Señora Sombrero

29 hot mexico fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Beautiful woman? Check. Body paint? Check. Novelty sombrero? Check. You gotta love the Mexican soccer fans.


28. Passionate Persian

28 hot iranian fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Iran is ruled by an oppressive religious regime, so it’s easy to forget that there are in fact some incredibly hot women there.


27. Body Paint!

27 hot germany fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Even without the body paint this woman would have blended right in. Her g-string and bandaids actually cover more skin than most of the bikinis you see on the beach in Brazil.


26. Into the Game


Everyone expects Latin American soccer fans to impress. But who knew the Belgians were so hot?


25. Fancy Headwear

25 hot brazil fan 2 - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Obviously this photo was taken before Germany destroyed Brazil. This poor woman looks so happy and full of hope.


24. Colombian Beauty

24 hot colombia fan 4 - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

If men aren’t supposed to stare, why do tops like this exist?


23. Can Never Have Enough Germany Shirts

23 hot germany fan 3 - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Just to be perfectly clear, everyone, this woman is rooting for Germany.


22. Ab-tastic

22 hot brazil fan 3 - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

If I was a woman and I had a midriff like that, I’d never wear a full length shirt again.


21. Argentinian Bombshell

21 hot argentina fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Hmm, what’s the word I’m looking for here? Ah yes, buxom. That’s it.

20. Costa Rica Lips

20 hot costa rica fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

I admire her patriotic team spirit, but that lip paint job makes her look like some kind of vampire clown.

That said, yeah, she’s still hot.


19. Beauty Queen

19 hot honduras fan 2 - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Seriously, doesn’t this woman look like a beauty pageant contestant? I think it’s the hair. It’s very voluminous.


18. Anything for the Money Shot

18 hot switzerland fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Remember when that camera man literally shoved some idiot French fan out of the way so he could get a nice closeup of the hot chick with the low-cut top?

Yeah, that was the best.


17. Belgian Beauty


Alright come on Belgium, you’re killing me. What are you putting in the water over there? Is it your delicious beer? It’s your delicious beer, isn’t it. I knew it.


16. Colombian Quartet

16 hot colombia fans - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Which one of these fine Colombian ladies is your favorite? I’m partial to the one on the far right, but that’s just me.


15. Why We Love Bosnia

15 hot bosnia fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

This woman has to be a model, right? If she is, and I’m just some big idiot for not knowing, by all means don’t leave me in the dark. Leave a comment down below.


14. Just Your Average Brazilian

14 hot brazil fan 4 - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

The odds of Brazil having the hottest female fans at the 2014 FIFA World Cup were staggering. It’s a country of 200 million people, many of the women are gorgeous, and they’re hosting the tournament. If they didn’t have the hottest fans you’d think something went horribly wrong.


13. Sexy Red Devil

13 hot belgium fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Meanwhile, Belgium apparently rounded up every hot woman in the country between the ages of 20 and 40 and put them on a plane to Brazil just to show off.


12. Voluptuousness

12 hot brazil fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

There’s something remarkable about this woman, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. Hmm.


11. Indecisive Hottie


I found several other photos of this lovely woman wearing only Colombian gear. However, for this list I decided to go with this one, because USA! USA! USA!



10. Why We Love Croatia

Croatian women already have a reputation for being incredibly good-looking. This woman is just living up to that rep.


9. Kissy Kissy

9 hot belgium fan 5 - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Seriously, what is going on in Belgium? There are about 5.5 million women there, and apparently every single one of them is hot.


8. Red Lips

8 hot bolombia fan 2 - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

This woman is like a perfect cross between Terri Hatcher and Sofia Vergara. Holy smokes.


7. Marouane Fellani's Sister?


Even with the stupid wig, this Belgian fan is absolutely gorgeous.

Well done, Belgium. Well done.


6. Why We REALLY Love Bosnia

Okay, now I know this hot Bosnian fan is a model…because she’s dating Edin Dzeko, one of the team’s star players. Her name is Amra Silajdzic.

Of course, I really wanted to avoid including player WAGs and girlfriends on this list, because that’s cheating. They’re fans, but not normal fans. However, in Amra’s case I just had to make an exception.


5. Just a Couple of Brazilian Supermodels, NBD

5 fernando motta and sabrina sato real

Did you know Brazil has a lot of supermodels, and that they’re all big soccer fans? Well it’s true. Here we have Fernanda Motta and Sabrina Sato.


4. Hot Pink

4 hot brazil fan 5 - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Of course, even the Brazilian women who aren’t supermodels are still pretty hot.


3. Like a Honduran Wonder Woman

3 hot honduras fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Studded jorts aside, I’m currently en route to Honduras so I can find this girl and marry her.


2. Russia Is the Best

2 hot russia fan - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

If I had to guess I would have said this woman is from one of the Latin American countries.

Luckily I did not have to guess, because it turns out she is Russian.



1. At Least Brazil Won SOMETHING

1 hot brazil fan 6 - hottest female fans 2014 world cup

Brazil may have had their dreams of winning the World Cup on home soil shattered, but the tournament wasn’t a total loss. On the whole, they definitely had the hottest fans…wouldn’t you say?