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by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Everything about this gesture is pretty nice. Justin Timberlake seems like a great guy, and he’s recognizing a great man in Buffalo’s landscape, deceased Bills owner Ralph Wilson, giving a moment of recognition to a city that rarely gets any.

Still, it’s kinda weird. I mean, it’s not like Wilson died this week. He died four months ago. BUT, I’m guessing JT didn’t have a ton of Buffalo appearances between then and now, so I’m sure he got to it as quickly as he could. In fact, in the video, Timberlake even acknowledges the delay, which came about due to a cancelled Buffalo show earlier in the year.

Take a look at the touching moment here:

Considering JT hails from Tennessee, it’s nice to see that he’s not singularly focused on what’s going on in NYC and LA.

“Here’s to better late than never. Y’all know I’m a big sports fan. So, we’re going to do this one to Ralph Wilson.”

Fire away, JT.