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15 Hottest MLB All-Star WAGs of 2014

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, July 15, 2014

mlb all-star wags 2014

Getting picked for the MLB All-Star Game isn’t as big a deal as it used to be now that 75 guys make the team every year and the thing is managed like a company softball game. (Everybody gets a turn, you guys!) And while I’ve tried in to get MLB to make some tweaks that would breath new life into the Midsummer Classic, I just don’t think they’re ever going to listen to me.

Fortunately, there is at least one silver lining to the ever-expanding All-Star rosters: more hot WAGs to choose from when making lists like these. And really, the WAGs are more interesting than the game anyway. So sit back and take a look.


15. Neisha Croyle (Jose Bautista)

15 jose bautista baby momma neisha croyle

I don’t know for a fact that Blue Jays right fielder/AL Home Run Derby captain Jose Bautista is still with Neisha. They may have broken up, or they may have finally decided to tie the knot. All I know for sure is that Neisha and Jose have two daughters, so they’ll be attached one way or another for the rest of their lives.

Also, Neisha is real perty.


14. Jenny Wainwright (Adam Wainwright)

13 jenny curry wainwright (adam wainwright) - 2014 mlb all-star game wags

Adam Wainwright is a fantastic pitcher and, by all accounts, a helluva guy. (Seriously, I know people groan when Cardinals fans talk about “The Cardinal Way,” but Wainwright took less money than he would have received on the open market to sign an extension with the Cardinals last year because he said that’s where he wanted to be. How can you not respect that?) It’s only fitting that his wife, Jenny, is very attractive. In fact, if you ask me she kinda looks like like Minka Kelly, one of Jeter’s old flames.


13. Farah Lester (Jon Lester)

12 farah johnson lester (jon lester) - 2014 mlb all-star game wags

Jon Lester met his wife, Farah, in the spring of 2007 while making some rehab starts with single-A Greenville after receiving cancer treatment in the offseason.

In October of that year he started and won the final game of the World Series.

Obviously, Farrah is his good luck charm.


12. Maria Haslovan (Andrew McCutchen)


When I did this list last year Maria Haslovan was just Andrew McCutchen’s girlfriend. However, after taking the Pittsburgh Pirates to the playoffs for the first time in a generation last fall, he went on Ellen and proposed. So now she’s his fiancée. (And, obviously, still hot.)


11. Jacquelyn Frazier (Todd Frazier)

10 jacquelyn frazier (todd frazier cincinnati reds) - 2014 mlb all-star game wags

Todd Frazier hit 19 home runs in 2012 and 19 again in 2013. However, he’s already got 19 in 2014 and is on pace to hit 32. And that got him into the 2014 Home Run Derby, where all he did was beating Troy Tulowitzki and Giancarlo Stanton to reach the final round.

Of course, Frazier didn’t win the final round, but that was still a pretty good showing. Add that to his good guy rep and the fact that he has a smokin’ hot wife, and you’d have to say it’s good to be Todd Frazier these days.


10. Brianne Sale (Chris Sale)

brianne aron sale (chris sale white sox) - 2014 mlb all-star game wags

The lovely Brianne Sale made our list last year. However, she almost didn’t make it this year because her husband, White Sox pitcher Chris Sale, didn’t make the initial roster.

Fortunately fans voted Chris in with the “Final Vote” gimmick, and that basically voted Brianne in, too.


9. Mai Satoda (Masahira Tanaka)

9 mai satoda (masahiro tanaka) - 2014 mlb all-star game wags

The Yankees’ Masahira Tanaka won’t be pitching in the 2014 All-Star Game because of that whole torn UCL thing. But that’s no reason to deny his wife, Japanese pop singer Mai Satoda, her rightful place on this list. She works hard to be this hot. (Or maybe it’s just good genetic luck. But still.)


8. Ashley Kimbrel (Craig Kimbrel)

7 ashley kimbrel (craig kimbrel braves) - 2014 mlb all-star game wags

Despite the fact that Braves closer Craig Kimbrel married Ashley here in 2012, she was overlooked for last year’s list.

What can I say? Just like the actual All-Star roster, list like there are always going to have some snubs.


7. Mackenzie Carpenter (Matt Carpenter)

mackenzie carpenter (matt carpenter) 2014 mlb all-star wags

Last year the Cardinals’ Matt Carpenter made the NL All-Star squad as a second baseman. This year he made it as a third baseman. However, while Matt may have changed positions, his wife, Mackenzie, has stayed pretty much the same. (I.e., really hot.)


6. Emily Kuchar (Zack Greinke)

6 emily kuchar (zack greinke dodgers) - 2014 mlb all-star game wags

Seeing how Emily Kuchar is a former beauty queen (Miss Daytona Beach 2009) and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, you might assume she and Dodgers star Zack Greinke started dating after he was rich and famous. But no. It turns out the two actually started dating in high school. And seeing as how Emily stuck with Zack while he dealt with his debilitating anxiety issues, it’s obvious she aint no gold digger.


5. Jennifer Utley (Chase Utley)

5 jennifer utley (chase utley) - 2014 mlb all-star game wags

Jennifer Utley has been one of MLB’s hottest WAGs for years now. However, her 35-year-old husband, who hit his peak in 2008, hasn’t made an All-Star game since 2010.

Of course, Chase isn’t really doing that much better this year than he did the last three, but I’m certainly not going to complain.


4. Tiffany Nicole (David Price)

4 tiffany nicole (david price rays) - 2014 mlb all-star game wags

Tiffany Nicole made a bit of a name for herself a few years back when she dissed the Boston Red Sox on Twitter. So let’s just hope her boyfriend, Rays ace David Price, doesn’t end up getting traded to Boston. Because that could be awkward.


3. Alexis Cozombalidis (Hunter Pence)

3 alexis cozombalidis (hunter pence) ign production coordinator - mlb all-star wags

Okay, this one is a stretch. I’m pretty sure Giants outfielder Hunter Pence broke up with Savannah Sweetland. However, that he is now dating IGN production coordinator (and gamer girl) Alexis Cozombalidis is just a rumor I read somewhere on the internet.

Now, most of the time, I ignore random rumors I read on internet gaming forums, because they’re internet gaming forums. However, Pence is an avid gamer. And, more importantly, I had a look at Alexis’s Twitter page where I saw that, in addition to Hunter Pence, she is also following his sister.

Is that definitive proof that these two are dating? Of course not. But it’s definitely good enough for me to report on the rumor. And that, in turn, is more than good enough to put Alexis on this list—because she is hot.


2. Chelsea Goff (Freddy Freeman)

2 chelsea goff (freddy freeman fiance) - 2014 mlb all-star game wags

This is Chelsea Goff. She is engaged to Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddy Freeman. These days she is a real estate agent, but she used to be a bikini model…for obvious reasons.

Congratulations, Freddy Freeman.


1. Hannah Davis (Derek Jeter)

1 hannah davis (derek jeter) - 2014 mlb all-star game wags copy

We all know Derek Jeter is retiring after this year, which means this will be his last All-Star Game.

Fortunately, Jeter is going out with a bang. The guy has dated a number of insanely hot women over the years, but it’s safe to say none have been hotter than current flame Hannah Davis.

Long live The Captain.