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by: Penn Collins On  Friday, July 18, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.40.25 AMHere we go. If you were wondering what the opposite of having a sweet old lady throw out a first pitch is, it’s having a tattoo-sleeved hockey player get a golf ball driven off his crotch by a dude in a hockey jersey and Zubaz pants. Well, at least it was for charity.

Tyler Seguin, center for the Dallas Stars, hosted a charity golf tournament, and, for reasons that seem to elude the reporters of the incident, he allowed a gentleman in garish trousers to drive a golf ball off his crotch. At least the ball was resting on a tee. And at least the guy didn’t use a loft wedge.

Here’s the ridiculous video:

This isn’t the only incident of Seguin being ridiculous. About a year ago, he famously quit Twitter a year ago after being “hacked” (these hackers don’t have much of an endgame, do they?) he came back to promote his golf tourney. And, seemingly, this stunt.

Welcome back, Tyler?