Drunk Fan Getting Arrested at Coors Field Is Super Knowledgable About “His Rights as a Citizen of the United States of America” (Video)

guy gets arrested at rockie game police use excesive force

Congratulations, jorts-wearing hipster guy. Your arrest video is going to go down as an all-time classic.

What’s so classic about it, you ask? Well you see, at first it seems like the guy getting arrested is being perfectly calm and reasonable, while the police officer is being a huge jerk and using excessive force by violently pushing him. However, the longer you watch, the more you realize holy shit dude just shut the f*ck up!

Seriously, if this guy was acting anything like this before the video started recording, that wouldn’t justify the cop’s actions, but it would certainly make them more understandable.

Some of the gems that come out of drunk hipster guy’s mouth include:

  • “This is an illegal recerrendation [sic] of an American citizen. Thank you.”
  • “Officer, you have no constitutional right to physically force me to sit down. I have the right as an American to stand on my own two feet.”
  • “You have no right to represent this force [sic] against another American citizen.”
  • “I have done nothing to offend the law of the American Constitution. You are stepping beyond your boundaries as an American officer toward the law.”
  • “I have done nothing to assume any responsibility against the threat of the United States of America.”
  • “I have had three beers at Coors Field at Colorado of the United States of America.”
  • “I am 22 years old. My birthday if February 15, 1992. That places me at 22 years old at the United States of AMERICA! And here you are reprimanding an American citizen for doing NOTHING but providing himself with the freedom of the United State of AMERICA! ” (emphasis his)

Even the cop who wanted to punch this guy’s face in a few minutes earlier had a laugh at the last one. Take a look:

Now, I’m not a lawyer, but I play one on the internet, and I say this man is not guilty by reason of awesomeness. Case dismissed!

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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