LFL Quarterback Slams a Beer in the End Zone after Scoring TD

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For those of you who were having a difficult time taking the LFL (Lingerie Football League? Legends Football Leauge? Whatever) seriously…this probably won’t help. After Chicago Bliss QB Heather Furr (REALLY?) scored a rushing touchdown, she celebrated the way any great athlete would: By slamming a beer in the end zone.

How rebellious! Anything must go in this league of misfits.

Here’s the video. Hang on to your puritanical sensibilities!:

Of course, overlooked in this incident is the fact that this beer wasn’t hers.  Rather, it belonged to a fan in the stands. His life isn’t bad enough that he’s drinking beer with first-row tickets at a Lingerie (Fine, “Legends”) Football League game? Now you are going to have a player take his beer?

I’ll say it. The LFL is running wild and needs to be shoved under the purview of Roger Goodell to find its way again. Drug tests, sponsorship deals. Those are the things fans want. Those are what football is all about.




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