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20 Cheerleaders Who Dated Athletes

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, July 30, 2014

cheerleaders who dated athletes

It should come as a surprise to no one that cheerleaders date and sometimes marry athletes. Cheerleaders are hot, athletes are hot, and they’re around each other all the time. It’s actually surprising that there aren’t more cheerleader-athlete hookups. When I decided to do this list, I assumed I’d find more such relationships than I could handle. Instead, I “only” found 20.

Nevertheless, 20 is the number we’re dealing with here. And that’s okay, because would you really want to look at more than 20 pictures of hot women?

Oh, you would? Well sorry, there are just 20 here. Don’t blame me. Blame all the athletes and cheerleaders who aren’t dating each other. And in the meantime, enjoy the list we’ve got.


20. Lindsay Slott

20 lindsay slott (texans cheerleader dated hunter pence) - cheerleaders who dated athletes

Well that’s an unfortunate name, isn’t it?

Anyway, Lindsay is a former Houston Texans cheerleader who dated Hunter Pence back when he played for the Astros. These days she…well, these days she’s no longer a Texans cheerleader, so I have no idea what she’s up to.


19. Sarah Jones

19 sarah jones (ben-gals cheerleader sex with student rumored to have been with bengals players) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Sarah Jones was a high school teacher and a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader (i.e., a Ben-Gal) back in 2012 when gossip site published a story that claimed she was promiscuous with several members of the team and passed on some venereal diseases. She then sued the site for defamation, and in 2013 a jury awarded her $338,000 in damages.

So normally at this point I’d say the court has spoken and the allegations were totally false. However, in March of 2012, Jones was arrested for having sex with one of her students. She pleaded guilty and is now (or was at one point) engaged to the kid.

Does that prove that she did hook up with Bengals players? Of course not. But it does make you take the original allegations more seriously, doesn’t it?


18. Laura Schaub

18 laura schaub (former falcons cheerleader married to matt schaub) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Matt Schaub met his wife, Laura, at a charity golf tournament when he was with the Atlanta Falcons and she was an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader. But here’s the funny part of the story: even though she was a Falcons cheerleader, she had no idea he was a Falcons player because he was way down on the depth chart.

At least Matt knew she wasn’t initially attracted to him for his money.


17. Krystle Campbell

17 krystle campbell (eagles cheerleader married to ryan howard) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Krystal here, a former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, is married to Ryan Howard, who in 2008 helped the Phillies win their first World Series since 1980.

Biggest sports hero in town married local football cheerleader—shocking, right?


16. Whitney Wonnacott

16 whitney wonnacott (engaged to jimmer fredette) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Whitney here got engaged to current husband Jimmer Fredette (of the Sacramento Kings) while the two were students at BYU. He was a basketball star, she a cheerleader.

Of course, it was BYU, so they probably only went on about five group dates before they decided to get hitched.


15. Elizabeth Barry

15 elizabeth barry smith (former raiderette married to alex smith) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

These days Alex Smith is the QB in Kansas City, where he helped the Chiefs go from worst to first (well, second anyway) in 2013. However, back before Colin Kaepernick came alone, when he was the number one guy for the San Francisco 49ers, Alex fell for Elizabeth Barry, who was a cheerleader for the Niners’ cross-bay rivals, the Oakland Raiders.

So the 49ers quarterback married a Raiderette. That actually explains why Smith fell out of favor with the Niners despite his stellar QB rating.


14. Ann Lux

14 ann lux (left dcc to be with fiance middlebrooks then they broke up) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Ann Lux was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, but she left the squad in 2012 to be with her fiancé, Boston Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks.

Unfortunately, as you may know, Middlebrooks is now engaged to former NESN and current CBS sideline reporter Jenny Dell. So obviously things didn’t work out so well for these two lovebirds.



13. Royce Reed

13 royce reed (baby mama of dwight howard magic dancer) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Royce Reed is a former Orlando Magic dancer, and while she technically didn’t “date” Dwight Howard, she did sleep with him.

We know this because she had his son in 2007. And because Howard filed and won a defamation suit against her in 2010 when she broke the terms of their paternity agreement by mentioned him in the media.

Romantic story, huh?


12. Amanda Vanderpool

12 amanda vanderpool (former ducks ice girl dated ladislav smid) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Now here’s an obscure one for you. Amanda Vanderpool, self-described “Founder/CEO” of a social media marketing company called Upwardly Social, used to be a member of the Anaheim Ducks ice girls, the Power Players. And when she was a member of the Power Players, she apparently dated legendary defenseman Ladislav Smid of the Edmonton Oilers/Calgary Flames.

Now you know.


11. Vanessa Curry

11 vanessa curry (former laker girl affair with kobe bryant) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Okay, we have no definitive proof for this one. But I for one believe almost everything I read on the internet, and I read on the internet that Kobe Bryant had an affair with former Laker girl Vanessa Curry a few years ago when she was just 18. So it must be true*, right?

*Kobe’s lawyers, if you’re reading this, that was joke.


10. Kelly Hall

10 kelly hall (uga cheerleader engaged to matthew stafford) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has been dating his former UGA cheerleader girlfriend since college, and it’s not hard to see why. The two got engaged back in March.


9. Abigail Klein

9 abigail klein (former dcc actress dated troy aikman) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

These days Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman is dating a model named Tracy Rispin. However, before that, he was linked to Abigail Klein, here, who is an actress and—here’s a shock—a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Stick with what you know, right Troy?


8. Chloe Butler

8 chloe butler (former aussie rugby cheerleader canberra raiders turned lfl star dating rugby player travis waddell) - cheerleaders who dated athletes

Here’s another obscure one. This here is Chloe Butler, and as you can probably tell, she’s a professional golfer.

J/k, she’s a lingerie football player.

Anyway, before dedicated herself to lingerie football, Chloe was a cheerleaders for the Canberra Raiders of Australia’s National Rugby League. And there, she supposedly dated former Canberra Raider (current Newcastle Knight) Travis Waddell.


7. Emily Kuchar

7 emily kuchar (former dcc married to zack greinke) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke is married to Emily Kuchar, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. However, she wasn’t a cheerleader when they met. Or at least, not a professional one. The two are actually high school sweethearts.



6. Brooke Sorenson

6 brooke sorenson (former dcc married to laynce nix) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Baseball journeyman Laynce Nix may not be as famous (or rich) as Zack Greinke, but his former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader wife is every bit as hot.

Brooke Sorenson, everybody!


5. Christy Oglevee

5 christy oglevee (washington redskins cheerleader chris cooley) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Former Washington Racial Slurs football player Chris Cooley divorced his first wife, Angela, in 2005, supposedly when he met Washington Red Skins cheerleader Christy Oglevee. Cooley then married Oglevee later that year, becoming Cooglevee. However, in 2012, after four years of marriage, the two divorced.

Sadly for Chris’s bank account, he did not heed the sage advice of Kanye West and holla “we want prenup, we want prenup!”


4. Kelsi Reich

4 kelsi reich (dallas cowboys cheerleader dating david nelson) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Kelsi Reich’s main man is JC, judging by her twitter account. After that it’s former Bills/current Jets receiver David Nelson. The two have been dating for a while. Or they were dating for a while as of last November 2013.


3. Jordan Fish

3 jordan fish (former bobcats cheerleader married to nascar's denny hamlin) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Former Bobcats cheerleader Jordan Fish is married to NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin. The two welcomed their first child in 2013.


2. Lauren Gardner

2 lauren gardner (former broncos cheerleader current cbs repporter dated sam lecure) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

I don’t know if Lauren Gardner dating any athletes when was actually a Denver Broncos cheerleader. However, I do know she dated Reds pitcher Sam LeCure now that she is a reporter for CBS sports. And because once a cheerleader always a cheerleader. So that’s good enough for me.


1. Kandi Mahan

1 kandi mahan (former dcc married to hunter mahan pga) - cheerleaders who dates athletes

Congratulations to PGA Tour pro Hunter Mahan. He is president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary of the “Pro Athletes Married to Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” club. Because wow, right?