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21 Crazy Minor League Baseball Jerseys

by: Esteban On  Thursday, July 31, 2014

crazy minor league baseball jerseys

Minor league baseball teams have been coming up with crazy ballpark promotions since the dawn of time. However, right now, we are in the middle of a golden age of wacky jerseys.

Major league ball clubs can’t just wear all kinds of goofy promotional jerseys, of course, because it would hurt their brand. But minor league clubs? With them it’s what brand? They just need to put butts in the seats. And while crazy food items were all the rage about five or six years ago, recently the PR folks have discovered that nothing puts butts in the seats quite like ridiculous themed jerseys.

Want to take a look at some of these jerseys? Well I hope so, because they are the subject of today’s list. Take a look, because I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of them.


21. Argyle Jerseys – Fort Wayne Tincaps

21 fort wayne tincaps argyle jerseys - crazy minor league baseball jereys

Let’s start with something simple, shall we? So how about this nice argyle jersey from the Fort Wayne Tincaps, Class A affiliates of the San Diego Padres. This might be the only jersey that almost looks good.


20. Batpig Jerseys – Lehigh Valley IronPigs

20 lehigh valley ironpigs batpig jerseys - crazy minor league baseball jerseys

“Hey, everybody loves Batman, right? Why not Batpig?” Such was the thinking of the legendary Lehigh Valley IronPigs PR department when they came up with this one.


19. Michael Jackson Thriller Jerseys – Lehigh Valley IronPigs

19 lehigh valley ironpigs michael jackson tribute jerseys - crazy minor league jerseys

Here’s another one from the IronPigs, Triple-A affiliate of the Phillies. This time it’s a jersey based on Michael Jackson’s outfit in the Thriller…though for some reason they went with black pants, even though MJ wore red pants in the video.


18. Stars & Stripes Jerseys – Rochester Red Wings

18 rochester red wings american flag jerseys - crazy minor league baseball jerseys

I suspect every minor league baseball team in America has worn an American Flag-inspired jersey. But this one from the Triple-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins stood out for me.


17. Santa Jerseys – New Britain Rock Cats

17 new britain rock cats santa jerseys - crazy minor league baseball jerseys

Wearing Santa jerseys for “Christmas in July” promotions is also pretty popular. But again, these Santa jerseys from the Twins’ Double-A affiliate just stood out for me. I think it’s the belt buckle.


16. Day-Night Double Header Xmas Jerseys – Toledo Mud Hens

16 toledo mud hens day night double header christmas santa elves jerseys - crazy minor league baseball jereys

The Toledo Mud Hens, Triple-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, are legend when it comes to ballpark promotions. They outdid every other teams’ Santa-themed jerseys by wearing these babies—elves and Santas—in a day-night double header.


15. Bacon Jerseys – Lehigh Valley IronPigs

15 lehigh valley ironpigs bacon uniforms - crazy minor league baseball jerseys

Earlier this year we told you about the IronPigs’ bacon-theme uniforms. The jerseys? Yeah, there’s a strip of bacon underneath “IronPigs,” and that’s cool. But the best part of the uniform—and maybe the best detail in any baseball uniform ever—is the bacon piping down the side of the pants.


14. R2-D2 Jerseys – Durham Bulls

14 durham bulls star wars r2-d2 jerseys - crazy minor league baseball jereys

The Durham Bulls are not the baseball equivalent of the Anaheim Ducks. They are not a franchise based on a movie. In their case the movie—1988′s Bull Durham—was based on them.

Oh yeah, and here they are wearing sweet R2-D2 jerseys.


13. Egyptian Jerseys – Memphis Redbirds

13 memphis redbirds egyptian jerseys (2014) - crazy minor league baseball jereys

In case you didn’t realize it, Memphis aint just a city in Tennessee. It’s also a city in Egypt that just so happened to be the capital of the ancient Egyptian “Lower Kingdom.” So that’s why the St. Louis Cardinals’ Triple-A affiliate Memphis Redbirds wore these jerseys…which are all-caps RIDICULOUS.


12. Price Is Right Jerseys – Fresno Grizzlies

12 fresno grizzlies price is right jersey - crazy minor league baseball jereys

There’s a lot to like about these amazing The Price Is Right jerseys from the San Francisco Giants’ Triple-A affiliate. However, what really sells them for me are the name tags. Just brilliant.


11. Ugly Xmas Sweater Jerseys – Lowell Spinners

11 *didnt actly wear* lowell spinners ugly christmas sweater jerseys (2014) - crazy minor league baseball jerseys

Okay, so technically the Lowell Spinners (Single-A affiliate of the Red Sox) didn’t “wear” these ugly Christmas sweater jerseys. They just gave them out to the first 1,000 fans. But I just had to include them. They’re too horrific.


10. Tuxedo Jerseys – Lehigh Valley IronPigs

10 lehigh valley ironpigs tuxedo jereys - crazy minor league baseball jerseys

Yep, it’s the IronPigs again, this time in Tuxedo jerseys. I told you they were legendary, didn’t I?


9. Hot Dog Jerseys – Toledo Mud Hens

9 toledo mud hens hot dog jerseys (2013) - crazy minor league baseball jerseys

And I also told you the Toledo Mud Hens were legendary, too, a claim which is supported by these amazing hot dog jerseys.

N.B. that the hot dogs on these jerseys do not have ketchup, because everyone knows ketchup ruins hot dogs.


8. TMNT Jerseys – Fresno Grizzlies

8 fresno grizzlies teenage mutant ninja turtles jerseys (august 2014) - crazy minor league baseball jereys

That’s right. The Fresno Grizzlies will wear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jerseys on August 4, 2014….which is a crazy coincidence, because the new TMNT movie comes out four days later!


7. Old Fashioned Hot Dog Vendor Jerseys – Reading Fightin Phils

7 reading phillies crazy hot dog vendor jerseys (7.10.2011) - crazy minor league baseball jerseys

This is a pretty solid effort from the Phillie’s Doulbe-A affiliate. However, do I feel pretty strongly that they would have looked way awesomer had the pinstripes on the pants matched the pinstripes on the jersey.


6. Chewbacca Jerseys – Toledo Mud Hens

6 toledo mud hens chewbacca jerseys (2013) - crazy minor league baseball jerseys

The Toledo Mud Hens will see the Durham Bulls’ R2-D2 jerseys and raise them these awesome Chewbacca jerseys.


5. Organ Jerseys – Memphis Redbirds

5 memphis redbirds organ jerseys - crazy minor league baseball jerseys

The aforementioned Redbirds of Memphis wore these crazy things on “Organ Donar Night” at AutoZone Park back in 2011. So they were being insane for a good cause.


4. Jack-O-Lantern Jerseys – New Britain Rock Cats

4 new britain rock cats pumpkin jerseys - crazy minor league baseball jereys

My mom dressed me up as a pumpkin on my first halloween. My costume looked exactly like this, minus the “Rock Cats” of course.


3. Ghostbuster Jerseys – Toledo Mud Hens

3 toledo mud hens ghostbusters jerseys - crazy minor league baseball jereys

We told you they were going to do it, and they did it. God bless those Toledo Mud Hens.


2. Chihuahua Face Jerseys – El Paso Chihuahuas

2 el paso chihuahuas chihuahua face jersey - crazy minor league baseball jerseys

Sweet. Mother. Of God. These are…breathtaking.


1. Selfie Jersey – Kalamazoo Growlers

1 kalamazoo growlers selfie jersey - crazy minor league jerseys

And finally, to wrap things up, we have the selfie jersey made up of fan-submitted selfies. It comes to us courtesy of the Kalamazoo Growlers of the Northwoods summer wood bat collegiate league. Technically they are not a minor league baseball team, but they most definitely are a minor league baseball team in spirit.