Local News Mistakenly Airs Fake Spider-Man Fight Footage During Ray Rice Apology Piece (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.53.38 PM

You know what’s better than watching a domestic abuser apologize to the public because he’s supposed to? Watching fake superheroes in crappy costumes fight. While the producers at FOX 9 weren’t considering this fact when they mistakenly aired the latter in the place of the former, it probably worked out well for everyone.

I take this showdown on city streets about as seriously as I do Ray Rice‘s contrition. Since it’s a lateral move in that regard, we might as well be entertained, right?

Here’s the footage that allows you to be entertained as well. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

Also, it was 76 degrees in Minnesota at 9:48. Don’t you just love warm summer nights when you can leave the windows open and turn the fan on? Heaven.

Back to Ray Rice:

It’s nice that the anchor informs us that is “not the right video.” Were we supposed to have assumed that Ray Rice’s apology involved some performance art piece that would incorporate the Spider-Man mythology into what it means to be human and to err?

Because that’s an apology I would watch. His actual apology? Not as interesting.

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