It’s Not a Real Minor League Baseball Game Without a Possum Delay (Video)

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Anyone who wants to sincerely argue for the legitimacy of minor league baseball might want to skip this story (fortunately for our readership, I don’t think many people are really inclined to set aside the backwoods antics of minor league baseball games). When the Quad City Bandits take on the Clinton LumberKings, you learn to expect the unexpected.

More specifically, you learn to expect possum delays. Yup. Possum delays. It’s just what it sounds like.

When shortstop Tim Lindauer took to the plate, he was politely told to WAIT HIS TURN as a nation remained captivated by a possum on the field.

The only thing funnier than a possum being on the field is the announcers absolutely pouncing on the opportunity to report something interesting. I bet this made their week.

Oh, and they trap the possum in a big rubber trash can. Then they set the trash can on fire with the possum still inside it.

Ok. That last part didn’t happen. But watch the video to see what does happen.

Here’s the video:

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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