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Jeremy Lin Posterizes His Mom and Others with Mini-Basketball Dunks (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, August 7, 2014
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Jeremy Lin will soon be attending Lakers summer practices, having been run out of Houston in a pseudo-bid for Chris Bosh. However, school’s still out, and, appropriately, Jeremy Lin is spending his summer like a bored teenager: hanging out with his dumb friends and doing stupid things on camera.

This isn’t an isolated incident. He’s done stuff like this before.

More specifically, he’s running around, creating impromptu basketball courts around unsuspecting people, then dunking on them.


It sounds like a pseudo-organic marketing campaign from a shoe company, but there’s no indication or blatant promotion, except for his mom wearing an Adidas shirt. I mean, if Adidas was behind this, wouldn’t they have the old lady in the Adidas shirt swat his shots into the second row? Right?

Nope, it looks like some goofy, funny kids goofing and funning around.

I’m torn as to my favorite image from the video. It’s neck-and-neck between Lin’s exuberance in his kitchen and his mom’s quiet resignation in the kitchen.