The Kevin Love Trade To Cleveland Is A Go, Will Be Completed Later This Month

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After rampant speculation and billions of Tweets since the LeBron James move to Cleveland was announced, the Kevin Love trade is formalized, agreed to, and ready to be executed. Of course, the Cavs have to sit on the Wigins contract for 30 days from his signing to complete the deal, so the paperwork will be processed (no idea what that means, it just sounds apt) later this month.

But the deal is this: Kevin Love will go to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In exchange for him, the Timberwolves will get last year’s #1 bust, Anthony Bennett, this year’s #1 pick and super-prospect Andrew Wiggins, and the rights to a protected Cleveland pick in next year’s draft.

It’s a lot for both sides to give up, but it seems to make all involved parties pretty happy, most notably LeBron James and Kevin Love. Andrew Wiggins has to be bummed, but he’s a rookie, so he doesn’t get an opinion.

This deal should make for some fun times in Cleveland and a good foundation for Minnesota to hopefully turn things around.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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