Girl Gets Selfie With Guy in Club, Unaware It’s Allen Iverson, (Tweet and Pic)

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The Internet isn’t terribly forgiving about…well, anything except cute animals.  So when a girl in the club took a selfie with former NBA great Allen Iverson, and didn’t know who he was, people around the world stood up and united to let her know that they thought she was an idiot.

I don’t think not recognizing Allen Iverson is all that grave an offense, and I don’t know why so many people are acting like this girl just punched their grandma, but check out the Tweeted picture and the bloodbath of reactions:

The DISRESPECT? I probably wouldn’t recognize a few foreign dignitaries in person. Doesn’t mean I don’t respect them. This isn’t Game of Thrones or the mafia. It’s not a punishable insult to not know who someone is.

Anyway, because the world is dumb and confusing, the girl who got crucified is now thanking the guy who retweeted the photo for all and made the pic go viral.


At least she’s “laughing her ass off.”

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