Robin Ventura Channels His Inner Pinella, Kicks Dirt on Home Plate During Tirade (Video + GIF)

robin ventura tirade kicks dirt on home plate

Some people worried that the introduction of instant replay in Major League Baseball would, among other things, take away some of the game’s old school charm. Suppose, for example, that CSI umpires get the definitive answer to who’s on first. Does that mean the epic manager tirade will go the way of the dodo?

Fortunately, the answer is no. Such fears underestimate professional baseball managers. As the White Sox’s Robin Ventura demonstrated yesterday, replay review doesn’t mean they aren’t still irascible buffoons.

That’s not to say Ventura wasn’t right to be upset when a replay review overturned a putout at home plate yesterday in San Francisco. The ruling had nothing to do with whether the throw beat the Giants’ Gregor Blanco, or whether the tag was applied. It was based on a human being’s interpretation of rule 7.13 (2), MLB’s new anti-collision rule, and it was definitely debatable.

But even though Ventura was right to be upset, he didn’t have to channel his inner Lou Pinella and kick dirt over home plate after getting ejected. That was just icing on the cake.

Here’s a video that shows the play in question and Ventura’s response to the replay review:

And, for those of you with shorter attention spans, here is an animated GIF (okay, a multimedia tweet) that cuts to the chase:

You gotta love it.

Also, you gotta think Ventura is lucky the umpire just ejected him and didn’t channel his inner Nolan Ryan.

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