LeBron, Ronaldo, and James Harrison Bow to Peer Pressure, Accept ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Videos)

james harrison als ice bucket challenge

Over the weekend LeBron James, James Harrison, and Cristiano Ronaldo all got in on this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge craze. But I bet you’ll never guess which one did it while wearing a tiny little speedo.

Okay, you guessed it. It was Ronaldo. He then nominated Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Lil Wayne, which is just fantastic.

Take a look:

In fairness, LeBron also took the IBC in his underwear. But he wore “manly” boxer briefs, and he did it on a yacht instead of a lawn chair, which earns him baller bonus points:

Apparently nobody told LBJ that President Obama had already declined the challenge, instead opting to actually help people with ALS by donating money for research. But whatever. I still love the fact that a basketball player nominated arguably the most powerful man in the world.

As for former Steelers linebacker James Harrison, he didn’t really follow the rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge. But he did look like a total badass:

And you screamed when somebody dumped a glass of ice water on your head.

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