Steve Ballmer Came Out To Eminem and Got REALLY Excited During His First Clippers Press Conference (Video)

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Good for Steve Ballmer. The guy has pretty much all the money in the entire world, but still manages to get insanely enthusiastic about a paltry $2 billion investment he made in the Los Angeles Clippers.

If I had been a billionaire for as long as he has, I don’t know what would excite me. But it wouldn’t be a press conference. It would probably be more like “heroin” and “getting my own Hooters franchise that only employs hot A-list actresses and supermodels.”

But Steve got pretty darn fired up for his first press conference, which served as a coming out for the former Microsoft titan who has been very visible, but not vocal over the past 3 months since his interest in, and purchase of, the Clippers organization following the Donald Sterling scandal.

Watch Ballmer say hello for the first time as mayor of Lob City:

And here’s an extended look at his press conference:

His entrance music was Eminem, he took to standing in wacky positions (see above pic), he wants to be called “Steve,” and he gave out his email address. He did everything but sit in a backwards chair to show how cool he is.

Short of a racist rant, I think he’s gonna do just fine in LA.

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